Before the Selfie: Daguerreotypes, Tintypes and the Birth of Affordable Photography

March 25, 2015 posted by Lisa McEvoy in Content

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Today we don’t think twice about having pictures of friends and family, but that was not always the case. Heather Emerson from the EBSCO Digital Archives team, who is also a photographer, looks at the advent of the photograph and how its commercialization changed how we saw the world and provided historians and genealogists with rich resources to study the past.... Read More »

PEMSoft™ Goes to the Amazon Jungle

March 24, 2015 posted by Ron Dieckmann, MD, MPH in Insights & Research

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During a medical mission to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador last year, a group of medical students from University of Louisville discovered a powerful new portable resource that may become a future treasure chest of medical knowledge: PEMSoft Mobile. ... Read More »

Big Data and the Art of Medicine

March 20, 2015 posted by Betsy Jones in Insights & Research

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Betsy Jones , Vice President of Medical Product Management and Chief Content Officer for DynaMed looks at the question: what is the clinical relevance of the insights that automation tools give us as our physicians practice medicine, which is and shall always be an art? ... Read More »

EBSCO Launches Orbit™

March 20, 2015 posted by Lisa McEvoy in Content

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EBSCO Orbit™, the online catalog of apps to enhance the EBSCO Discovery Service experience is here. With nearly 100 apps to choose from, libraries are able to browse and request apps which can be managed with our Cloud Services or do-it-yourself installation. ... Read More »

What’s In YA Lit?

March 19, 2015 posted by Lisa McEvoy in Content

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Young Adult (YA) literature has made a name for itself, creeping onto best-seller lists and breaking box office records with film adaptations. “The Hunger Games.” “Divergent.” “The Giver.” “The Fault in Our Stars.” Even if you don’t know what YA is, there is probably a YA title rolling around in your mind. The genre is exploding, snagging readers across age ranges and cultures. YA is breaking boundaries. ... Read More »

Thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: time for a rethink?

March 18, 2015 posted by Lisa McEvoy in Insights & Research

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“Thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: time for a rethink?” was recently published in The BMJ. Dr. Brian S. Alper, founder of DynaMed™ and vice president of evidence-based medicine research and development, quality and standards for EBSCO Health is the lead author of the paper which looks at the use of an anti-clotting drug used to treat stroke. ... Read More »

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