Remediate to Graduate: 5 Steps to College Success

Posted February 12, 2016 in Content

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In a tough job market with flat wages, few job opportunities for high school graduates, and ever-increasing tuition costs, colleges are expected to maximize students’ time and money, as well as keep their graduation rates competitive and their programs attractive. See some steps that can help accomplish these challenging goals.... Read More »

The Cancer Moonshot, Part I

Posted February 11, 2016 in Content

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Focus, coordination and collaboration are essential to achieving goals of any scale, from curing cancer, to landing on the moon to sharing research data. Using landmark speeches from Presidents Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy as examples, Marianne Parkhill from Plum Analytics looks at the collaboration and tools that will be necessary to accomplish a ‘Cancer Moonshot’ for open data.... Read More »

Deep and Timely Coverage of the Syrian Conflict with World Politics Review

Posted February 9, 2016 in Content

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In international relations and global politics, there are so many mainstream sources of information that students can easily get bogged down in the “what” as opposed to the “why." Hampton Stephens, Publisher of World Politics Review (WPR), illustrates how WPR helps to overcome this challenge by reviewing (as an example) its coverage of the current global crisis in Syria over the past several months.... Read More »

Find Your Next Read with LibraryReads

Posted February 8, 2016 in Content

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If you work in a public library, you've probably heard about LibraryReads. It's a new monthly list of "books librarians love." Starting in February, the LibraryReads top ten list will be available as a NextReads newsletter (a service from NoveList, included with LibraryAware).... Read More »

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