Jobs in technology and related industries are in high demand, and there are nearly 700,000 open computer programming jobs in the United States today. As the digital world advances, there is an ever-growing need for employees to know computer programming languages to create the next generation of video games, computer software and more. Students who study coding while still in school can gain a head start in any career they choose, especially if they are considering a career that involves computer programming. Even if they choose a career in a field such as marketing, design or construction, chances are high that they will interact with coding for some parts of their jobs.

Fiero Code is a self-paced, learn-to-code software program that helps students ages 8-18 develop the creative thinking and problem-solving skills they need to pursue computer programming careers and succeed in jobs of all kinds. Fiero Code’s gamified format makes learning how to code fun and can inspire students to pursue careers that require computer programming knowledge. Who knows? Maybe someone sitting in your library or classroom will develop the next viral video game or write a program that blocks a major national security threat.  

The following jobs are some of the most in demand in the technology job market right now.

1. Game Developer

Average Salary: $84,563
Coding Languages Used: C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python
Job Growth Rate (2021-2031): 25%

Today’s game developers create many of the video games people of all ages know and love. With a large audience for new games, there has been a steady increase in the amount of game development jobs available. Game developers create everything from video games for consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation, to viral apps such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Video gamers will be happy to know that they can begin learning code early and start on the path to creating their own video games someday.

In addition to knowing programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, game developers need to be creative and skilled in design and animation. Fiero Code introduces students to character design using Code Blocks and JavaScript in their Game Development courses. A bachelor’s degree in game design, animation or a related field is required to become a game developer.

2. Cyber Security Engineer

Average Salary: $97,897
Coding Languages Used: C, C++, Python, PHP, SQL
Job Growth Rate (2021-2031):

Cyber security engineers have an important job. Whether they work for the government, the military or a private corporation, they are tasked with keeping software and data safe. With the amount of information that is stored online, employers across industries are always looking for people who have the programming knowledge necessary to protect data from hackers and viruses. This is a great career option for students who are interested in both coding and security.

Becoming a cyber security engineer requires specialized training. A bachelor’s degree in cyber security or a related field is required but a master’s degree is preferred. Cyber security engineers also need to excel at math and analytical thinking. Students can develop these skills as they learn Python and SQL programming languages using Fiero Code.

3. Web Developer

Salary Range: $77,200 - $120,000
Coding Languages Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python
Job Growth Rate (2021-2031): 23%

A valuable web development team is a crucial part of any company. For students looking for a larger variety of job options, web developers work in all kinds of industries on a assortment of products and services. They may maintain and create new assets for a startup biotechnology company’s website, or work for large corporations in the consumer and entertainment industries. Web developers are required to have a versatile set of skills and knowledge, primarily when it comes to internet applications and programming.

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in web development or a related field is required for this job. Students can prepare for a web development career by going through the “Web” track in Fiero Code, which helps them master HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

4. Software Developer

Average Salary: $88,763
Coding Languages Used: Java, JavaScript and Python
Job Growth Rate (2021-2031): 25%

All the online applications we use every day are run by a programmed software. Software developers are in demand to create and program new software as well as maintain current software programs used for many different purposes. Companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Adobe rely on software applications to power their programs and devices. Developers can also work in other industries to create systems and networks that power schools, hospitals and other essential businesses and services.

Software developers need to possess attention to detail, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred, and many software developers also have master’s degrees. Students will gain a strong problem-solving foundation as they work their way through JavaScript and Python computer programming activities in Fiero Code.

5. Data Scientist

Salary Range: $97,000 - $100,000
Coding Languages Used: Python, SQL, JavaScript, Java, MATLAB, C, C++
Job Growth Rate (2021-2031): 36%

Students interested in research or numbers might want to consider becoming a data scientist. Many organizations and industries hire data scientists to analyze information and help them make better decisions or to understand a problem or situation. Coding is an essential skill for this job because programming languages are used to organize sets of data and find patterns, many companies also use data to inform their business strategies.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science or related field is required to become a data scientist, and many companies prefer a master’s degree. Data scientists are expected to have strong critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as advanced programming and math knowledge. Fiero Code can help students interested in data science learn necessary coding languages such as Python, SQL and JavaScript.

Finally, Fiero Code includes a “Careers” course that helps students prepare for computer programming jobs. It gives students the opportunity to explore what kinds of jobs are out there, build their coding portfolio and resumé and prepare for coding job interviews.

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