More than half of American teenagers get their news from social media ― where celebrities, politicians, and even foreign governments seek to add their spin to current events. Recognizing that facts are foundational to our democracy, ABC-CLIO and the News Literacy Project are partnering with educators to empower students to navigate this challenging news landscape with a 21st century understanding of facts, opinions, bias, fake news, and credible sources.

News-Smart Students with ABC-CLIO aims to create the next generation of informed and engaged citizens in our democracy. The program consists of three professional development webinars on issues of news literacy and how they pertain to teachers and students today. Participants will have the chance to earn professional development credit and will receive free books and instructional resources from ABC-CLIO and the News Literacy Project.

School librarian participants will gain full access (through February 2021) to School Library Connection, an online professional learning platform from Libraries Unlimited. The platform includes webinars on high-interest topics ranging from fostering positive news habits to authenticating primary sources and artifacts. Participants can also sign up for professional development workshops led by top library innovators such as Barbara Stripling, Jacquelyn Whiting, Michelle Luhtala and Tom Bober. (Download Whiting’s article, Political Messages: Getting Students Thinking Critically about Creators’ Purpose.)

In addition, school libraries will enjoy complimentary access to ABC-CLIO’s American Government and Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society databases through February 2021. These databases include more than 20,000 primary and secondary source documents as well as critical thinking and inquiry activities to help students understand news media bias and practice other key news literacy skills.

The deadline to apply is December 7, 2020. Seats are limited, so reserve your spot today to receive:

  • Complimentary access to two ABC-CLIO databases and School Library Connection through February 21, 2021
  • Exclusive professional development webinars
  • Free instructional resources, including handouts, lesson plans, infographics and posters
  • Discounts, giveaways and more

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