Skills Every Student Needs

Whether it’s first-year or first-generational students, returning students who want better results than previous years, or final-year students looking to build their workplace readiness, these foundational skills benefit all:

Organization and Time Management ─ With so many tasks to keep track of in college, knowing how to manage time, set goals and multitask can make a big difference in students’ success.

Learning Success Skills – Strong study skills, effective listening and good note-taking are not only vital in college, they are equally important in the workplace.

Research and Information Skills ─ Knowing how to research effectively is critical. With the explosive growth in available information, learning to search and identify credible information is more important than ever. When writing reports and using sourced information, the ability to understand and avoid plagiarism, as well as properly cite works and references, is an absolute necessity.

Personal Skills ─ College is an exciting time when students begin to take control of their lives. Regardless of age, it may be the first time they need to understand the basics of money management such as budgeting, credit and debt. Becoming self-reliant also means developing healthy living habits, including how to manage stress, eat well and stay active.

Using College Resources ─ Knowing how to communicate with professors and take advantage of college resources can improve success and lead to a satisfying academic experience.

How Do Students Acquire Success Skills?

Many colleges offer this information in student orientation, first-year experience and first-generation programs. Some also offer “student success skills” courses. Colleges know that easing the transition to college and building strong foundational skills will have a positive effect on student success, retention and program completion.

Another excellent way to acquire success skills is through PrepSTEP™, an online learning platform with a unique collection of academic and career-related resources that includes the College Success Skills Center, designed specifically for foundational skills development.

Success in college requires skills, hard work, persistence, personal growth and guidance. Building a strong foundation helps students start strong, move ahead, and reach their goals.