Are you intimidated at the thought of helping readers of crime, mysteries, and thrillers? Whether your readers are fans of police procedurals (like the Inspector Gamache series) or fans of Grisham-esque legal thrillers let NoveList and LibraryReads break down the best these genres have to offer your readers—from behind the iron curtain to unreliable narrators. 

Join Lynn Lobash, Assistant Director of Readers' Services at the New York Public Library, and Renee Young, Metadata Librarian III at NoveList, as they cover: 

  • Why readers read crime, mysteries, and thrillers 
  • How these genres developed including classics, newcomers, and awards to know 
  • Subgenres and crossovers 
  • NoveList insider information on genre headings, themes, appeal terms, and more 

Also included is a bonus 15-minute training on tips and where to access genre-related information. 

The webinar is now archived. Click below to watch the recording or skip ahead to the training session that took place after the webinar.

Watch the webinar recording



Lynn Lobash is the Assistant Director of Readers Services at the New York Public Library. She has been with the library for 16 years. She is a reader for ALA’s Notable Books Committee and Vice Chair of the LibraryReads Board of Directors. When she is not reading and recommending books, she is watching her children do something amazing (look mom!) or petting her needy cats.  

Renee Young has been a Metadata Librarian at NoveList since 2009 although she now works remotely from rural Michigan. She is a lifelong audiobook listener, former Chair of RUSA’s Listen List committee, and audiobook reviewer. First introduced to mystery stories through the Sherlock Holmes canon, Renee reads the spectrum of mystery stories, from Golden Age to contemporary authors. Prior to joining NoveList, Renee served in the Army as a Russian and Serbo-Croatian linguist before completing her Master’s degree in Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill.  

Lori Reed is the Marketing Specialist for NoveList.