Best practices from top business authors and executives

Accel5 is an informal learning solution packed with information about critical soft skills your employees can put into practice in five minutes or less. Business book summaries, videos, and articles feature key insights from the top minds in business.

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Diverse. Relevant. Actionable.

  • Concise, actionable content
  • Promotes self-directed learning
  • Video, audio and text formats
  • Mobile-responsive interface
  • Fully customizable experience

Transformative learning in minutes

Learn from top business thinkers

Employees learn from thought leaders like Marshall Goldsmith, Daniel Pink, and Liz Wiseman. Content is relevant for all employees, no matter the level of experience or expertise. Concepts are actionable so employees can put what they learn into practice.

Sharpen skills and keep current with best practices

Accel5 drives development of critical soft skills such as communication, decision making, innovation, leadership, teamwork and more. New content is added daily. As best practices evolve, Accel5 helps your employees stay ahead of the curve.

Valuable insights in 5 minutes or less

Your employees are busy, which is why content in Accel5 was created for self-directed, micro-learning. Content can be consumed in five minutes or less. Employees can learn at lunch, waiting for the train, or between meetings.

Customization facilitates learning on your terms

Accel5 is completely customizable to incorporate your branding, design, topics, content, images and more. Accel5 content can be integrated into an LMS, SharePoint or other platform. Single Sign-On enables one-click access to content.

See for yourself. Learn how Accel5 can work for your company.

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