Publisher Print Status Due to COVID-19

Publisher Print Status

The following is a summary of the responses EBSCO has received from publishers regarding changes to their operations due to COVID-19. As you know, information is changing rapidly across the world and we will try to keep these responses as up-to-date as possible. If you have any questions about a particular summary below, please contact your EBSCO representative and we will work with you and our publisher partner to obtain further detail or clarification. In addition, please see the claiming recommendation below EBSCO has communicated globally to customers.

Claiming Recommendations due to COVID-19

As preparation begins for the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis, and as libraries begin to restart operations, EBSCO wants to continue to take steps to provide you with the necessary service and support regarding claiming. Many publishers have experienced various disruptions regarding their print operations and delays are inevitable. As you begin to return to normal operational activities, EBSCO would like to provide the following information to assist you with ensuring your print collections are complete:

  • Various academic publishers have advised that they will not be processing claims for the foreseeable future, as they work to catch up on suspended printing and interrupted postal operations. Claims sent to EBSCO for these publishers will not be processed at the present time. Claiming will resume once the publishers advise that they are able to receive and fulfill print claims.
  • Other publishers, while still accepting claims, are dealing with similar supply chain disruptions. In addition, many libraries are faced with a backlog of printed copies to be checked in, resulting in delayed claiming on the subscriber end. As a result of these challenges, EBSCO recommends that all libraries consider a multi-week pause (4 to 6 weeks for monthly subscriptions) before automated claims settings are reinstated and/or claiming begins in general. This temporary halt will allow libraries time to get issues checked in and publishers to distribute print issues. When you begin claiming again, your EBSCO customer service representative will be available to provide any support or assistance needed.

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