Explore the past with EBSCO’s archive collections

EBSCO offers a collection of Digital Archives for all types of researchers and interests. Digital Archives are a perfect way for libraries to enhance their special collection.

EBSCO’s collection includes:

  • Historical journal archives and primary source documents
  • Popular magazine archives
  • Genealogy resources

These resources cover a wide range of topics, from business news and politics to historical literature, education, religion and women’s studies.

Magazine Archives

​EBSCO offers digital archives of influential magazines in comprehensive cover-to-cover format to support scholarly research. Readers can see and search entire magazines, including all articles and advertisements, dating back to their first issues. Top magazines include:

  • Architectural Digest Magazine Archive™ (1923 - 2011) ­­— covering international design and architecture, art and antiques, real estate and fashion
  • Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Archive™ (1929 – 2000) — covering business management, marketing, labor and finance
  • Forbes Magazine Archive™ (1917 – 2000) — covering business leaders, world economics and technology
  • Fortune Magazine Archive™ (1930 – 2000) — covering international business, economics and industry
  • Life Magazine Archive™ (1936 – 2000) — covering 20th-century events, politics, popular culture and award-winning photojournalism
  • Time Magazine Archive™ (1923 – 2000) — covering 20th-century history and life, current events, politics, sports and celebrities

More magazine archives are available from EBSCO.

Digital Archives Viewer

EBSCO’s Digital Archives can be searched with the Historical Digital Archive Viewer. This interface replicates the experience of browsing and reading original archival materials, while also allowing users to search within and manipulate documents, export content, take notes.

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