The FOLIO Project

The FOLIO project is a community collaboration of libraries, vendors and developers who have come together to reimagine library technology from the ground up. EBSCO is a proud participant in the FOLIO project, providing funding and project and product management expertise. Project resources are available at and include discussion boards, a calendar of events, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), development information, and more.

FOLIO Library Services Platform

FOLIO is an open source library services platform built for innovation. The platform provides libraries with core functionality including circulation, acquisitions, cataloging and reporting, and is extensible into new areas. FOLIO is a truly open platform allowing anyone to participate by contributing functional expertise, developing code or just staying informed. Built on a microservices architecture, the FOLIO platform ensures that components can be readily developed or replaced as technologies and requirements evolve. Development of the FOLIO platform is well underway. Libraries will be adopting FOLIO starting in 2019.

A rich environment of project participants provides libraries with a vibrant community from which to draw knowledge or find a service provider – giving libraries who are looking for a supported solution unprecedented flexibility and choice.

FOLIO Services from EBSCO

Open source software is free. Yet running the software takes time and effort and requires staff resources. For libraries who want to run FOLIO in a highly cost-efficient way, but don’t have the resources to host or the staff to support the library services platform, EBSCO offers a suite of services to meet your institutions needs and goals.

FOLIO Services from EBSCO include:

  • Implementation: traditional ILS data migration, workflow simplification and staged or ‘phased’ implementation of the FOLIO platform.
  • Hosting, maintenance and support: hosting in the AWS cloud, enhancements and ongoing support services.
  • Professional services: a dedicated team of specialists for implementation and custom development.

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