We’re committed to building strong relationships and leveraging industry expertise.

Customer Commitment

EBSCO sees our customers as partners.Customers and their users are important to our product development, implementation and support strategies. Our user research team works directly with customers to aid in the creation of new products, and EBSCO customers frequently rate their customer satisfaction over 90% in annual surveys.

User Research

Our User Research team provides a complete method of ensuring the usability of EBSCO products.

Strategic Partnerships

Our many partnerships will help you provide information and content that meets your users’ unique needs. We form relationships with many information and content providers, including other database providers, integrated library service (ILS) providers, medical societies, open source services and many others.

Industry Expertise

EBSCO’s employees have diverse skills that pertain to all aspects of the information technology world. These skills are used by EBSCO in every step of our product development process. We employ hundreds of experienced librarians and technology experts. Other experts at EBSCO include health care providers, subject matter experts, school curriculum experts and user researchers.

Your Work

Using EBSCO’s products, services and technologies is simple. Customers can accomplish their tasks through efficient workflows. Our administrative interfaces and integrated products are designed to minimize work and maximize automation so you can better serve your users.