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The single, most powerful search

Bringing content and technology together, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) provides access to your library’s entire collection through the most relevant and precise search results.

EDS provides a powerful means of searching across your institution’s rich and diverse collection of information resources. EDS supports searching of content from full-text databases, citation databases and content collections such as library catalogs and other locally-managed digital collections. The integrated search experience is achieved by compiling and indexing metadata from a variety of content sources into a unified pre-indexed search platform that offers exceptionally fast end-user search response.

EDS also offers:

  • The highest-quality metadata of any discovery service
  • Superior relevance ranking
  • A comprehensive collection of indexed content, including A&I, full text and open access resources from approximately 23,800 providers accounting for more than 1,000,000 publications from the world’s top publishers and information providers.
  • Complete knowledge base integration and management features
  • Extensibility though APIs
  • The ability to leverage controlled vocabularies for key subject indexes
  • An intuitive, multi-tiered searching interface with both basic and advanced search features
  • The ability to display information such as availability, location, links to full text, resource-specific customized messages, etc.
  • Folder options for saving and managing searches and results across sessions
  • Limiters and expanders designed to narrow search results and lead users to the best available resource based on format, location, availability within the library, and other criteria
  • Print, email, save, export and citation format options
  • Social bookmarking services readily available
  • Enrichment data for catalog records including the display of third-party materials through the installation of applications
  • 24/7 interface-accessible help and online support and training for administrators or end users

Local Content

One of the most fundamental services provided by EBSCO Discovery Service is the loading of the institution’s complete catalog and institutional repository so they can be searched along with all other EDS content as part of the unified discovery experience.

With EDS, libraries can leverage EBSCO’s expertise in loading and enriching data to offer users a search experience optimized for end users accustomed to web searching.

Choose Your Discovery Experience with Enhanced API Access

The EBSCO Discovery Service API (application program interface) provides EDS search functionality within the library’s ILS/LMS (integrated library system/ library management system) interface.

With the EDS API, libraries have access to the premium content provided by an EDS subscription through the library’s user interface of choice. The API is designed with simplicity in mind, offering easy integration and straight-forward technology to allow libraries to create a unique user interface experience.

Along with access to a robust central index, the EDS API offers many of the most important EDS features and functionalities available, including superior relevance ranking, direct liking to full text, a comprehensive list of search limiters and expanders and support for guest and remote users.

ILS Partnerships Mean More Choices for Libraries

By partnering with some of the most popular ILS vendors EBSCO gives libraries choice when it comes to how they serve their patrons. With the option of using either EBSCO Discovery Service or the library’s current catalog user interface as the front end, EBSCO’s ILS partnerships allow libraries to take advantage of the benefits of both services. Through these partnerships mutual customers get better, easier access to the databases, journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newspapers, e-books, images, videos and other resources their libraries provide.

EBSCO’s ILS partnerships represent its commitment to integrating with third-party services. To that end, EBSCO currently works with more than sixty vendors, and the number is growing. As a collaborative technology partner EBSCO is happy to hear your suggestions for future partnerships.

Through EBSCO’s ILS partnerships, EDS subscribers:

  • Save Time with set up and maintenance. ILS partnerships allow for increased workflow integration through the incorporation of the EDS API (Application Programming Interface) into a library’s catalog.
  • Increase Exposure to Valuable Resources though a single search experience.
  • Seamless User Experience through the inclusion of ILS functionality into the discovery experience like check outs, holds, renewals, access to personal account history and review fines.
  • Enhance the Value and Usability of Your Library Resources with EBSCO Discovery Service