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EBSCO는 모든 연구자의 요구를 충족시키기 위해 일련의 역사 자료를 제공합니다. 이 비디오는 역사를 직접 목격한 사람들의 일지, 일기, 편지 등 기본 소스 문서를 제공하는 아카이브 데이터베이스뿐만 아니라 북미 역사 및 세계사를 다루는 전체 텍스트 데이터베이스를 강조합니다. 또한 잡지 기록 보관소는 수년간 언론인들이 다루었던 중요한 세계 사건에 대한 역사적 관점을 연구자들에게 제공합니다. 예술, 정치, 종교 등의 역사를 다루는 전자책이 컬렉션을 완성합니다.

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Are your history students’ encountering obstacles with their research timelines? Their starting point might be a web search…which results in only anecdotal or biased content that can be entirely misleading. Luckily, EBSCO has all the history resources they need to begin their successful research journey. Start your students off with EBSCO’s Full Text Databases of peer-reviewed journals and historic text. Next, add first-hand accounts of historical events through the primary source materials including original letters, diary entries and maps found in EBSCO’s Digital Archive Databases. Then, bring history to life through non-traditional records in EBSCO’s Magazine Archives. Popular titles let students dive into coverage of 20th Century history, culture, marketing and advertising, politics, social movements and more written by witnesses to history. And finally, to immerse researchers in history even further, dive into EBSCO eBooks History Subscription Collection. Choose from over 19,000 e-books covering the history of art, literature, science, politics, religion and more. Leading University Presses and Academic Publishers give them the best possible sources for their research. Whether your students’ obstacles appear while they are digging into the past or studying history being made in the present… EBSCO has the resources to ensure their journey is successful!For more information, follow the link below

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