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Coverage Policy Source Type ISSN Publication Name Publisher Indexing and Abstracting Start Indexing and Abstracting Stop Peer-Reviewed
Core Magazine 0163-2027 50 Plus Reader's Digest Association, Inc. 12/1/1978 10/31/1988  
Core Magazine 1044-1123 AARP Bulletin AARP 1/1/2002    
Core Magazine   AARP International AARP 1/1/2007    
Core Magazine 1539-0179 AARP Segunda Juventud AARP 3/1/2002 12/31/2009  
Core Magazine 2153-4039 AARP Viva AARP 1/1/2010    
Core Magazine 1541-9894 AARP: The Magazine AARP 3/1/2003    
Priority Academic Journal 0001-690X Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1971   Y
Core Academic Journal 1531-7277 Activities Directors' Quarterly for Alzheimer's & Other Dementia Patients Weston Medical Publishing, LLC 9/1/2001   Y
Core Academic Journal 0192-4788 Activities, Adaptation & Aging Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1980   Y
Core Academic Journal 0002-0729 Age & Ageing Oxford University Press / UK 1/1/1983   Y
Core Academic Journal 0144-686X Ageing & Society Cambridge University Press 12/1/1944   Y
Core Academic Journal 0163-5158 Ageing International Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 1/1/1978   Y
Core Magazine 0002-0966 Aging Superintendent of Documents 1/1/1978 1/1/1996  
Core Academic Journal 1360-7863 Aging & Mental Health Routledge 2/1/1997   Y
Core Magazine 0161-2514 Aging & Work (01612514) National Council on the Aging 1/1/1978 1/1/1984  
Core Academic Journal 1594-0667 Aging Clinical & Experimental Research Editrice Kurtis s.r.l. 2/1/1999   Y
Core Academic Journal 1368-5538 Aging Male Taylor & Francis Ltd 6/1/2001   Y
Core Academic Journal 1382-5585 Aging, Neuropsychology & Cognition Psychology Press (UK) 1/1/1996   Y
Core Academic Journal 0893-0341 Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 1/1/1994   Y
Core Magazine 0163-4089 American Demographics Crain Communications Inc. (MI) 1/1/1979 11/30/2004  
Priority Academic Journal 1942-2962 American Health & Drug Benefits Engage Healthcare Communications, LLC 3/1/2008   Y
Core Academic Journal   American Journal of Alzheimer's Care & Related Disorders & Research Sage Publications Inc. 1/1/1987 1/1/1995 Y
Core Academic Journal 1082-5207 American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Sage Publications Inc. 3/1/1995 7/1/1999 Y
Core Academic Journal 1533-3175 American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias Sage Publications Inc. 11/1/2000   Y
Core Academic Journal 1064-7481 American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 9/1/1996   Y
Core Academic Journal 1049-9091 American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine Sage Publications Inc. 1/1/2004   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0002-936X American Journal of Nursing Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 1/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0272-9490 American Journal of Occupational Therapy American Occupational Therapy Association 2/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0002-953X American Journal of Psychiatry American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. 8/1/1971   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0090-0036 American Journal of Public Health American Public Health Association 3/1/1971   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0002-7162 Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science Sage Publications Inc. 3/1/1955   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0003-9926 Archives of Internal Medicine American Medical Association 5/1/1981   Y
Core Academic Journal 1440-6381 Australasian Journal on Ageing Wiley-Blackwell 2/1/1998   Y
Priority Magazine 1550-4190 Benefits & Compensation Digest International Foundation of Employee Benefits 7/1/2004    
Priority Academic Journal 8756-1263 Benefits Quarterly International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists 3/1/1985   Y
Priority Trade Publication 1527-5914 Best's Review AM Best Company Inc. 1/1/2000    
Core Academic Journal   Bold International Institute on Ageing 2/1/1994   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0278-2626 Brain & Cognition Academic Press Inc. 10/1/1986   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0093-934X Brain & Language Academic Press Inc. 1/1/1988   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0007-1250 British Journal of Psychiatry Royal College of Psychiatrists 1/1/1963   Y
Priority Magazine 0007-7135 BusinessWeek Bloomberg, L.P. 1/1/1929 4/30/2010  
Priority Academic Journal 0008-4263 Canadian Journal of Public Health Canadian Public Health Association 11/1/1980 9/30/2006 Y
Core Academic Journal 0714-9808 Canadian Journal on Aging Cambridge University Press 3/1/1983   Y
Core Academic Journal 1521-0987 Care Management Journals Springer Publishing Company, Inc. 3/1/1999   Y
Priority Magazine 0738-467X Caring National Association for Home Care 1/1/1985 12/1/2008  
Priority Academic Journal 0009-868X Clearinghouse Review National Clearinghouse for Legal Services, Inc. 2/1/1978 11/1/2004 Y
Core Academic Journal 0731-7115 Clinical Gerontologist Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1982   Y
Core Academic Journal 1178-1998 Clinical Interventions in Aging Dove Medical Press Ltd 1/1/2012    
Priority Magazine 0010-7174 Consumer Reports Consumers Union 1/1/1984    
Core Academic Journal 1069-0840 Contemporary Gerontology Springer Publishing Company, Inc. 3/1/1994 6/30/2005 Y
Core Magazine 8750-9652 Contemporary Longterm Care Nielsen Business Media, Inc. 2/1/1985 10/1/2006  
Core Magazine 1057-428X Continuing Care Magazine 1105 Media, Inc. 3/1/1987 5/31/2004  
Core Academic Journal 1471-3012 Dementia (14713012) Sage Publications, Ltd. 6/1/2001   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0070-3370 Demography Population Association of America 2/1/1964   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0963-8288 Disability & Rehabilitation Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1994   Y
Priority Magazine 0887-137X EBRI Issue Brief Employee Benefit Research Institute 1/1/1986    
Priority Magazine 1085-4452 EBRI Notes Employee Benefit Research Institute 6/1/1997    
Core Academic Journal 0360-1277 Educational Gerontology Routledge 1/1/1976   Y
Core Academic Journal 1070-1478 Elder Law Journal University of Illinois, College of Law 9/1/1995   Y
Priority Trade Publication 0013-6808 Employee Benefit Plan Review Aspen Publishers Inc. 11/1/1979    
Core Magazine 0361-4050 Employee Benefits Journal International Foundation of Employee Benefits 9/1/1982 6/30/2004  
Core Academic Journal 0361-073X Experimental Aging Research Routledge 1/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0197-6664 Family Relations Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1980   Y
Priority Magazine 0015-6914 Forbes Forbes Inc. 2/18/1980    
Priority Magazine 0015-8259 Fortune Time Inc. 10/4/1982    
Priority Academic Journal 0016-3317 Futurist World Future Society 2/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0738-7806 Generations American Society on Aging 9/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0197-4572 Geriatric Nursing Elsevier Science 5/1/1980   Y
Core Academic Journal 0016-867X Geriatrics Advanstar Communications Inc. 12/1/2008 10/31/2009 Y
Core Magazine 1488-8408 Geriatrics & Aging Ontario Ltd. 1/1/2002    
Core Academic Journal 0016-9013 Gerontologist Oxford University Press / UK 9/1/1963   Y
Core Academic Journal 0270-1960 Gerontology & Geriatrics Education Taylor & Francis Ltd 12/1/1981   Y
Core Academic Journal 1729-3472 Global Ageing: Issues & Action International Federation on Ageing 6/1/2003   Y
Priority Trade Publication 0017-2626 Government Executive National Journal Group, Inc. 3/1/1987    
Core Academic Journal 1535-6523 Hallym International Journal of Aging Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. 1/1/1999   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0966-0410 Health & Social Care in the Community Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1995   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0360-7283 Health & Social Work National Association of Social Workers 2/1/1976   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0278-2715 Health Affairs Project HOPE/HEALTH AFFAIRS 6/1/1982   Y
Core Academic Journal 0195-8631 Health Care Financing Review HCFA ORDS Publications 6/1/1979   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0017-9124 Health Services Research Wiley-Blackwell 6/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0735-0732 hfm (Healthcare Financial Management) Healthcare Financial Management Association 1/1/1984   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0162-1424 Home Health Care Services Quarterly Taylor & Francis Ltd 3/1/1979   Y
Core Magazine 0018-5973 Hospitals Health Forum 1/1/1978 5/31/1993  
Priority Magazine 1047-3149 HRMagazine Society for Human Resource Management 6/1/1992    
Priority Academic Journal 0018-7208 Human Factors Sage Publications Inc. 2/1/1968   Y
Core Academic Journal 0971-4189 Indian Journal of Gerontology Indian Gerontological Association 1/1/2001   Y
Core Magazine 1556-343X Innovations (1556-343X) National Council on the Aging 3/1/2009    
Priority Academic Journal 0046-9580 Inquiry (00469580) Excellus Health Plan, Inc. 12/1/1981   Y
Core Academic Journal 0091-4150 International Journal of Aging & Human Development Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. 1/1/1970   Y
Core Academic Journal 0885-6230 International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 7/1/1986   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1369-6866 International Journal of Social Welfare Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1999   Y
Core Academic Journal 1041-6102 International Psychogeriatrics Cambridge University Press 1/1/1992   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0020-871X International Social Security Review Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1982   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0098-7484 JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association American Medical Association 9/21/1961   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0309-2402 Journal of Advanced Nursing Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1976   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0165-0327 Journal of Affective Disorders Elsevier Science 11/4/1996   Y
Core Academic Journal 0898-2643 Journal of Aging & Health Sage Publications Inc. 2/1/1989   Y
Core Academic Journal 1063-8652 Journal of Aging & Physical Activity Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc. 1/1/1995   Y
Core Academic Journal 0895-9420 Journal of Aging & Social Policy Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1989   Y
Core Academic Journal 0890-4065 Journal of Aging Studies Elsevier Science 3/1/1987   Y
Core Academic Journal 1932-5614 Journal of Aging, Humanities & the Arts Routledge 1/1/2007   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0148-9917 Journal of Ambulatory Care Management Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 8/1/1989 4/30/2009 Y
Core Academic Journal 0733-4648 Journal of Applied Gerontology Sage Publications Inc. 1/1/1982   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1380-3395 Journal of Clinical & Experimental Neuropsychology Psychology Press (UK) 12/1/1987   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0962-1067 Journal of Clinical Nursing Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1992   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0021-9762 Journal of Clinical Psychology John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1/1/1945   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0094-5145 Journal of Community Health Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 3/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0169-3816 Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 1/1/1986   Y
Core Academic Journal 0894-6566 Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1989   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1040-3981 Journal of Financial Planning Financial Planning Association 10/1/1980   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1053-8720 Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1994   Y
Core Academic Journal 8756-4629 Journal of Geriatric Drug Therapy Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1986 9/30/1999 Y
Core Academic Journal 0098-9134 Journal of Gerontological Nursing SLACK Incorporated 1/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0163-4372 Journal of Gerontological Social Work Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0022-1422 Journal of Gerontology Oxford University Press / UK 1/1/1966 11/30/1994 Y
Priority Academic Journal 1078-6767 Journal of Health Care Finance Aspen Publishers Inc. 12/1/1994   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0361-6878 Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law Duke University Press 6/1/1980   Y
Core Academic Journal 0276-3893 Journal of Housing for the Elderly Taylor & Francis Ltd 3/1/1983   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0022-166X Journal of Human Resources University of Wisconsin Press 6/1/1966   Y
Core Academic Journal 1535-0770 Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2003   Y
Core Trade Publication 0093-4445 Journal of Long-Term Care Administration American College of Health Care Administrators 9/1/1974 12/1/1996  
Priority Academic Journal 0022-2445 Journal of Marriage & Family Wiley-Blackwell 2/1/1964   Y
Core Academic Journal 1078-4470 Journal of Mental Health & Aging Springer Publishing Company, Inc. 3/1/1995 12/1/2004 Y
Priority Academic Journal 0148-4834 Journal of Nursing Education SLACK Incorporated 9/1/1979   Y
Core Academic Journal 0163-9366 Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly Taylor & Francis Ltd 3/1/1980   Y
Core Academic Journal 2155-1197 Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology & Geriatrics Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2011    
Core Academic Journal 1279-7707 Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging Springer Science & Business Media B.V. 1/1/1999   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1442-7591 Journal of Occupational Science Association for the Journal of Occupational Science Inc. 3/1/2002   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0734-7332 Journal of Psychosocial Oncology Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1998   Y
Core Academic Journal 1936-1130 Journal of Public Health Pharmacy Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2008 1/1/2008 Y
Core Academic Journal 1552-8030 Journal of Religion, Spirituality & Aging Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2004   Y
Core Academic Journal 1050-2289 Journal of Religious Gerontology Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1990 1/1/2005 Y
Core Academic Journal 1533-2624 Journal of Social Work in Long-Term Care Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2002 1/1/2005 Y
Core Academic Journal 0002-8614 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1968   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1525-8610 Journal of the American Medical Directors Association Elsevier Science 1/1/2001   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0145-482X Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness American Foundation for the Blind 3/1/1980   Y
Core Academic Journal 0895-2841 Journal of Women & Aging Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1990   Y
Core Academic Journal 1059-7115 Journal of Women's Health Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 3/1/1992 12/1/2008 Y
Core Academic Journal 1814-9162 Journal on Active Aging International Council on Active Aging 7/1/2003    
Core Academic Journal 1938-4904 Journal on Jewish Aging Association of Jewish Aging Services 3/1/2007 10/31/2010 Y
Core Academic Journal 1079-5006 Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences Oxford University Press / UK 1/1/1996   Y
Core Academic Journal 1079-5014 Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences Oxford University Press / UK 1/1/1995   Y
Priority Magazine 1528-9729 Kiplinger's Personal Finance Kiplinger Washington Editors Inc. 10/1/1992    
Core Magazine 1075-6671 Kiplinger's Retirement Report Kiplinger Washington Editors Inc. 3/1/2012    
Core Magazine 1075-6671 Kiplinger's Retirement Report Kiplinger Washington Editors Inc. 3/1/2003    
Core Magazine 1542-1813 Live & Learn AARP 9/1/2002 12/1/2007  
Core Magazine 1940-9958 Long-Term Living: For the Continuing Care Professional Vendome Group LLC 3/1/2008    
Core Academic Journal 1935-7958 Marquette Elder's Advisor Marquette University Law School 9/1/2006   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0149-4929 Marriage & Family Review Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/1989   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1520-9245 McGeorge Law Review University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law 1/1/2008   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0025-7079 Medical Care Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 11/1/1972 12/1/2008 Y
Core Academic Journal 2159-0354 Medicare & Medicaid Research Review HCFA ORDS Publications 1/1/2011    
Priority Academic Journal 0887-378X Milbank Quarterly Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1986   Y
Priority Trade Publication 0160-7480 Modern Healthcare Crain Communications Inc. (MI) 1/1/1978    
Core Magazine 0026-8046 Modern Maturity AARP 6/1/1978 1/1/2003  
Priority Magazine 0149-4953 Money Time Inc. 1/1/1978    
Priority Academic Journal 0098-1818 Monthly Labor Review US Department of Labor 7/1/1918   Y
Core Magazine 1094-7868 More Meredith Corporation 3/1/2002    
Core Magazine 0034-6179 NARFE Magazine National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association 10/1/2003    
Priority Magazine 0360-4217 National Journal National Journal Group, Inc. 2/18/1978    
Priority Academic Journal 0028-3932 Neuropsychologia Pergamon Press - An Imprint of Elsevier Science 3/1/1975   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0894-4105 Neuropsychology American Psychological Association 7/1/1995 1/1/2009 Y
Core Magazine 1061-2157 New Choices for Retirement Living Retirement Living Publishing Co. 2/1/1992 9/30/1995  
Core Magazine 1085-1003 New Choices: Living Even Better After 50 Retirement Living Publishing Co. 12/1/1994 12/1/2000  
Priority Academic Journal 0028-4793 New England Journal of Medicine New England Journal of Medicine 5/31/1973   Y
Priority Magazine 0028-792X New Yorker Conde Nast Publications 2/1/1955    
Priority Magazine 0028-9604 Newsweek Newsweek 8/16/1982    
Priority Academic Journal 0029-6465 Nursing Clinics of North America W B Saunders 12/1/1979 9/1/2004 Y
Core Trade Publication 0029-649X Nursing Homes Vendome Group LLC 1/1/1978 9/1/1986  
Core Trade Publication 1061-4753 Nursing Homes: Long Term Care Management Vendome Group LLC 11/1/1991 2/29/2008  
Priority Academic Journal 0029-6562 Nursing Research Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 9/1/1978   Y
Core Magazine 1546-1408 OGS Quarterly Ohio Genealogical Society 1/1/2006    
Core Magazine 1052-858X Ohio Genealogy News Ohio Genealogical Society 4/1/2007    
Priority Academic Journal 0030-2228 Omega: Journal of Death & Dying Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. 1/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1020-4989 Pan American Journal of Public Health Pan American Health Organization 5/1/2005   Y
Core Trade Publication 0098-1753 Pension World Penton Media, Inc. 3/1/1978 9/30/1994  
Priority Academic Journal 0031-5125 Perceptual & Motor Skills Ammons Scientific, Ltd. 1/1/1968   Y
Core Academic Journal   Perspective on Aging National Council on the Aging 1/1/1978 1/1/1997 Y
Core Academic Journal 0270-3181 Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1983   Y
Core Report   PPI Data Digest AARP 11/1/1995 11/1/2007  
Core Report   PPI Fact Sheet AARP 10/1/1998    
Core Report   PPI In Brief AARP 5/1/2004    
Core Report   PPI Insight on the Issues AARP 3/1/2008    
Core Report 1063-3189 PPI Issue Brief AARP 1/1/1991 6/1/2007  
Priority Magazine 0032-8006 Prevention Rodale Inc. 1/1/1980    
Priority Magazine 0888-0352 Provider American Health Care Association 8/1/1986 2/1/2008  
Priority Academic Journal 0033-2917 Psychological Medicine Cambridge University Press 1/1/1984   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0033-2941 Psychological Reports Ammons Scientific, Ltd. 1/1/1971   Y
Core Academic Journal 0882-7974 Psychology & Aging American Psychological Association 6/1/1986   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0737-1209 Public Health Nursing Wiley-Blackwell 3/1/1986   Y
Core Academic Journal 1940-4921 Research in Gerontological Nursing SLACK Incorporated 1/1/2008   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0160-6891 Research in Nursing & Health John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1/1/1979 4/30/2007 Y
Core Academic Journal 0164-0275 Research on Aging Sage Publications Inc. 1/1/1979   Y
Core Academic Journal 1167-4687 Retraite et Societe Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Vieillesse 1/1/2007    
Priority Academic Journal 0283-9318 Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1994   Y
Core Academic Journal 1941-7187 Seniors Housing & Care Journal National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry, Inc. 1/1/2005   Y
Priority Magazine 1069-2851 Smart Money Hearst Brand Development 2/1/1993    
Priority Academic Journal 0277-9536 Social Science & Medicine Pergamon Press - An Imprint of Elsevier Science 1/1/1978   Y
Core Academic Journal 0037-7910 Social Security Bulletin Social Security Administration 2/1/1964   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0037-8046 Social Work National Association of Social Workers 1/1/1956   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0098-1389 Social Work in Health Care Taylor & Francis Ltd 12/1/1978   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1533-2985 Social Work in Mental Health Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2002   Y
Priority Academic Journal 1937-1918 Social Work in Public Health Taylor & Francis Ltd 1/1/2007   Y
Priority Academic Journal 0275-1879 Special Care in Dentistry Wiley-Blackwell 1/1/1982   Y
Priority Magazine 0040-781X Time Time Inc. 3/3/1923    
Core Academic Journal 0882-7524 Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10/1/1985   Y
Core Magazine 1049-6211 Travel 50 & Beyond Vacation Publications Inc. 9/1/2001    
Priority Magazine 0041-5537 U.S. News & World Report US News & World Report, L.P. 1/1/1984    
Core Report 1098-5131 Victimization of the Elderly & Disabled Civic Research Institute 1/1/2009   Y
Priority Magazine 0042-742X Vital Speeches of the Day McMurry Inc. 10/1/1934    
Core Magazine 1060-0094 Where to Retire Vacation Publications Inc. 3/1/1992    
Priority Academic Journal 0363-0242 Women & Health Taylor & Francis Ltd 9/1/1980   Y
Priority Magazine 0278-193X Working Mother Bonnier Corporation 1/1/1992