Points of View Reference Center
Primary Source Documents
Publication Name
'Cross of Gold'
35 days to Gettysburg Diary Entries
Abigail Adams' Letters of March 31 & May 7, 1776
Abolition of Slavery in the Republic of Mexico
Abrams et al. v. United States
Abrogation of the Platt Amendment, 1934
Act Abolishing Slavery in the District of Columbia
Act Abolishing the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia
Act Admitting Arkansas to Representation in Congress
Act for a National Bank
Act for a National Loan
Act for an Additional Article of War
Act for Calling Out the Militia
Act for the Prosecution of the Mexican War
Act of Authorizing the Employment of Volunteers
Act of Authorizing the Seizure of Railroad & Telegraph
Act of Chapultepec, 1945
Act of Havana
Act to Amend the Vagrant Laws of the State
Act to Confer Civil Rights on Freedmen, & for Other Purposes
Act to Define & Punish Certain Conspiracies
Act to Punish Certain Offenses Therein Named & for Other Purposes
Act to Regulate the Relation of Master & Apprentice, As Relates to Freedmen, Free Negroes, & Mulattoes
Acts Passed by the General Assembly of Louisiana, 1865
Adair v. United States
Adamson Act of 1916
Adkins vs. Children's Hospital
Administration of Justice Act
Advice to the Unemployed
Against a Protective Tariff
Against Capital Punishment
Against the Appointment of Foreign Officers
Aggression from the North
Agreement to End the Vietnam War, 1973
Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933
Agricultural Legislation in First Wilson Administration
Albany Plan of Union
Alien Act of 1798
Alien Enemies Act
Alien Registration Act of 1940
All Quiet Along the Potomac
Altgeld Cleveland Controversy
America First
America's Military Needs
American Crisis
American Insurance Company, & Ocean Insurance Company, (of New York) vs. 356 Bales of Cotton, David Canter
American Party Platform
American Prohibition Cases
Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
Andersonville Diary
Andrew Johnson's Amnesty Proclamation
Annapolis Convention
Annexation of Texas
Annexation of Texas as Essential to the United States
Anonymous Account of the Boston Massacre
Answer to Mr Solicitor's Objections
Antarctic Treaty of 1959
Anti-War Treaty of Non-Aggression & Conciliation
Appeal for Neutrality
Appeal of the Cherokee Nation
Appeal of the Silver Democrats
Appeal to Southerners to Settle Kansas
Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World
Arbitration Treaty--Hungary January 26, 1929
Arrogance of Power
Arrow Against Profane & Promiscuous Dancing
Articles of Capitulation
Articles of Confederation
Articles of Impeachment for Richard Nixon
Ashwander et al. v. Tennessee Valley Authority et al.
Associated Press et al. v. United States
Associated Press v. National Labor Relations Board
Atlantic Charter
Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima Announcement
Atomic Energy Commission
Attempts to Christianize the Indians
Balzac v. People of Puerto Rico
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bayard & Wife vs. Singleton
Beatty's report on the Battle of Jutland
Beginning of Reconstruction
Bering Sea Treaty of 1892
Berlin Decree
Bill Suppressing Mormonism
Bland-Allison Act of 1878
Blowing Up of the Maine
Boston Non-Importation Agreement
Boston Port Act
Bricker Amendment, 1953
Bridges v. Wixon, District Director, Immigration & Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
Brief Account of the Experiences of a Pioneer of 1843
Briefing for President Kennedy on Berlin
Britain's Reaction to the Invasion of Poland
British Order in Council
British Order in Council, 1807
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Brown et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka et al.
Bryan's Resolutions, Democractic National Convention, 1912
Bryan-Chamorro Convention
Buck v. Bell, Superintendent
Bunting v. State of Oregon
Burning of Columbia, South Carolina
Butler v. Michigan
Caesar Rodney's Letter of July 4, 1776
Cairo Conference
Call for 75,000 Volunteers
Cambridge Agreement
Cambridge Platform
Captain Thomas Preston's Account of the Boston Massacre
Carter v. Carter Coal Co.
Casablanca Communique
Casablanca Conference
Castro's Statement on Soviet Missiles in Cuba
Cession of Florida
Chambers et al. v. Florida
Chancellor Kent on Universal Suffrage
Charlotte Town Resolves
Charter of Freedoms & Exemptions to Patroons
Charter of Maryland
Charter of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, 1663
Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Charter of the United Nations
Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh
Chas Wolff Packing Company v. Court of Industrial Relations of the State of Kansas
Cherokee Nation vs. The State of Georgia
Child Labor Act
Child Labor Tax Case
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Chinese Immigration to the United States
Chisholm v. Georgia, 1793
Christian Science
Citizen's Savings & Loan Association vs. Topeka
Civil Disobedience
Civil Rights Act of 1866
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Civil Rights Act of 1957
Civil Rights Act of 1960
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Civil Rights Bill Veto
Civil Rights Cases
Clayton Anti-Trust Act of 1914
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Cleveland's Message on the Repeal of the Sherman Act
Cleveland's Silver Letter
Cleveland's Withdrawal of Hawaii Annexation Treaty
Cohens v. Virginia
Cole v. Young et al.
Command of the Army Act
Common Cause of Negro & White Laborer
Common Sense
Commonwealth vs. Caton et al.
Commonwealth vs. Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Commonwealth vs. Hunt
Communist Control Act of 1954
Communists in the State Department
Compensated Emancipation--Message to Congress
Comstock Law of 1873
Concerning the Impossibility of Union with Slaveholders
Concessions to the Province of Pennsylvania
Concord Town Meeting Demands a Constitutional Convention
Confessions of Nat Turner
Confidential Message to Congress
Confiscation Act of 1861
Congressional Resolution on the Defense of Formosa
Connally-Fulbright Resolutions
Connecticut General Life Insurance v. Johnson, Treasurer of California
Conservation of Public Lands
Considerations (Excerpts)
Constitution & Plan of Work for a Local Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Constitution of a Lyceum
Constitution of Brook Farm Association
Constitution of the American Anti-Slavery Society
Constitution of the Committee of Vigilantes of San Francisco
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish)
Constitution of the Congress of Industrial Organizations
Constitution of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Constitution of the United States (1787)
Contract Labor Law
Control of Atomic energy, 1946
Convention (III) for the Adaptation to Maritime Warfare of the Principles of the Geneva Convention of 22 August 1864
Convention (IV) Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War
Convention (IV) Respecting the Laws & Customs of War on Land
Convention (IX) Concerning Bombardment by Naval Forces in Time of War
Convention (V) Respecting the Rights & Duties of Neutral Powers & Persons
Convention (VI) Relating to the Status of Enemy Merchant Ships at the Outbreak of Hostilities
Convention (VII) Relating to the Conversion of Merchant Ships into War-ships
Convention (VIII) Relative to the Laying of Automatic Submarine Contact Mines
Convention (XI) Relative to Certain Restrictions with Regard to the Exercise of the Right of Capture
Convention (XII) Relative to the Creation of an International Prize Court
Convention (XIII) Concerning the Rights & Duties of Neutral Powers in Naval War
Convention Against Torture & Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Convention Ceding Alaska
Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded & Sick in Armed Forces
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Convention on the High Seas
Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production & Stockpiling of Bacteriological & Toxin Weapons
Convention with Panama for the Construction of the Panama Canal
Coolidge's Veto of the McNary-Haugen Bill
Correspondence Between Cornwallis & Washington Prior to the Surrender at Yorktown
Cotton Textile Code
Covenant of the League of Nations
Covode Resolution, 1868
Coxey's Program, 1894--1 Non-Interest-Bearing Bond Bill
Coxey's Program, 1894--2 Good Roads Bill
Creation of the Department of Health, Education & Welfare
Crime of 73
Crittenden Compromise of 1860
Crittenden-Johnson Resolutions on the Objects of the War
Cruise of Dove
CSA Constitution
Currency Act of 1763
Dangers of Foreign Immigration
Dangers of Rebellion
Dangers of Slavery
Dawes Severalty Act of 1887
Day's Work Making Gloves
Dayton-Goose Creek Railway Company v. United States, Interstate Commerce Commission, et al.
De Jonge v. Oregon
De Lome Letter, 1897
Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb
Declaration & Resolves of the First Continental Congress
Declaration in the Name of the People
Declaration of Causes which Induced the Secession of South Carolina
Declaration of German Atrocities
Declaration of Independence (Primary Source Document)
Declaration of Liberties
Declaration of Lima
Declaration of Panama
Declaration of Principles
Declaration of the Causes & Necessity of Taking Up Arms
Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union
Declaration of the Conservation Conference
Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce & Justify the Secession of Georgia from the Federal Union
Declaration of the Immediate Causes which Induce & Justify the Secession of the State of Mississippi
Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen
Declaration of War on Germany
Declaration of War on Japan
Declaratory Act
Defeat of the League of Nations
Defense of Catholics in Public Office
Democracy as a Detriment to Church & State
Democratic Party Platform, 1860
Democratic Platform for 1932
Democratic Platform of 1868
Democratic Platform of 1896
Democratic Platform of 1936
Dennis et al. v. United States
Description & History of Salem
Desegregation Directive
Desegregation of the Armed Forces
Destroyers-for-Bases Agreement, 1940
Destruction of the Alabama
Diary of a Southern Belle (Excerpts)
Diary of Carrie Berry
Diary of Rev. Clay MacCauley
Diary of William H. Ashley
Discourse of Western Planting
Discovery of the New World
Discussion of the Iroquois Constitution
Disposition of the North Carolina Biennial Act
Divine Right to Occupy the Land
Dominican Republic Intervention Statement, 1965
Domino Theory Principle
Downes v. Bidwell
Draft for a Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom
Draft of Jefferson Day Address
Dred Scott decision & the Declaration of Independence
Dred Scott, Plaintiff in Error, v. John F. A. Sanford
Duplex Printing Press Company v. Deering
Earliest Protest Against Slavery
Economic Bill of Rights
Education & the Weaker Sex
Education of Women
Edward Prigg, Plaintiff in Error, v. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Defendant in Error
Edwards v. California
Eight Hour Law for Employees of the United States
Einstein's Letter of 1939
Eisenhower Doctrine
Eisenhower Doctrine, 1957
Eisenhower Letter of Support for President Ngo Dinh Diem
Electoral Count Act
Emancipation Proclamation (Primary Source Document)
Emergency Railroad Transportation Act of 1933
Employment Act of 1946
Enfranchisement of Women
English Account of the Battle of Lexington: Report of Lieutenant-Colonel Smith to Governor Gage
English Background of the Monroe Doctrine
English Language in America
Enrollment Act
Epistle to Quakers
Esch-Cummins Act of 1920
Espionage Act of 1918
Essay for the Recording of Illustrious Providences
European Recovery Program
Everson v. Board of Education of the Township of Ewing et al.
Ex Parte Garland, 1867
Ex Parte Merryman
Ex Parte Milligan
Ex Parte Yarbrough, Petitioner
Examination of Anne Hutchinson
Excerpt of the National Bank Act
Excerpt of the Republican Party Platform
Excerpts from `The Slave Trade, Domestic & Foreign'
Excerpts from the Harmony of Interests: Agricultural, Manufacturing & Commercial
Excerpts from the journal of Peter Skene Ogden
Excerpts of the diary of Joseph Waddell
Exchange of Letters Between Richard M Nixon & Ho Chi Minh
Exchange of Memos Leading to the Dismissal of Secretary of War Stanton
Executive Order for a 10 Hour Day
Exposition of the League of Nations
Extract from the Special Message of President Taft
Eye-Witness Describes the Boston Massacre
Factory Rules from the Handbook to Lowell, 1848
False Sentimentality about the Indians
Federal Grand Jury Report on the Ku Klux Klan
Federal Power Commission v. Natural Gas Pipeline Co.
Federal Trade Commission Act
Federalist Papers (Great Neck Publishing)
Firebell in the Night
First Charter of Virginia
First Lusitania Note to Germany
First Open Door Note
Five Power Naval Treaty of 1922-1923
Fletcher v. Peck
Floyd County, Georgia, Resolutions on Secession
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act of 1938
For Reform of the Naturalization Laws
Foraker Act of 1900
Force Act of 1870
Ford Foundation Grant to Education
Fort Wagner
Four Power Pacific Treaty of 1921
Fourteen Points--2 American Interpretation of the Fourteen Points
Fourth Annual Message to Congress (Buchanan)
France's Reaction to the Invasion of Poland
Freedman's Bureau Act of 1865
Freedmen's Bureau
Freedom for Soldiers' Families
Freedom of Information Kit
French in Mexico--House Resolution on French Intervention
French in Mexico--Mr. Seward to Mr. Motley
French in Mexico--Mr.Seward to Mr. Adams
Friends, Countrymen & Brethren
From the Diary of Albigence Waldo, Surgeon at Valley Forge
From the Diary of Ebenezer Denny
Frontier Grievances from Pennsylvania
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
Fulbright Act of 1946
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Fur-Sealing Controversy--Articles of Award of Tribunal of Arbitration
Futility of Educating Indians
Gadsden Purchase Treaty
Galloway's Plan of Union
General Butler on the 'Contraband'
General Grant on Being a Candidate for Political Offices
General McClellan's Farewell
General Pope's Address to the Army of Virginia
General Robert E Lee's Farewell to His Army
Geneva Declaration of 1954
Gentlemen's Agreement of 1907
Georgia Platform of 1850
German Surrender Documents--WWII
Germany's Statement Regarding Poland
GI Bill of Rights, 1944
Gibbons, Apellant, v. Ogden, Respondent
Gitlow v. People of New York
Gold Repeal Resolution of 1933
Gold Repeal Resolution of 1933 (Primary Source Document)
Gold Standard Act of 1900
Good Neighbor Policy
Gore-McLemore Resolutions & Wilson's reply
Governor Burnet of Massachusetts on the Governor's salary
Granger Movement--Resolutions of Springfield, Illinois
Grant's Observations on Conditions in the South
Grant's Recommendation of the Resumption of Specie Payments--1 Message of December 6, 1869
Grant's Recommendation of the Resumption of Specie Payments--2 Message of December 7, 1874
Graves et al., Commissioners Constituting the State Tax Commission of New York v. New York Ex Rel. O'Keefe
Greeley's Prayer
Green et al. v. Frazier, Governor, et al.
Grosjean, Supervisor of Public Accounts of Louisiana, v. American Press Co., Inc, et al.
Guatemalan Crisis
Habeas Corpus Act of 1863
Habeas Corpus in Time of Rebellion
Hamilton Plan of Union
Hampton Roads Conference
Hartford Convention Resolutions of 1815
Hatch Act of 1887
Hatch Act of 1939
Hawaiian Treaty of 1897
Hay's Circular Letter of 1899
Hay's Letter of Instruction
Helvering v. Gerhardt
Helvering, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, et al. v. Davis
Hemispheric Defense
Herndon v. Lowry, Sheriff
Hirabayashi v. United States
Hiram Craig, John Moore & Ephraim Moore vs. The State of Missouri
Hiroshima Witness No. 3-3
Ho Chi Minh Reply to LBJ Letter
Holden v. Hardy (No 1); Holden v. Hardy (No 2)
Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell et al.
Homestead Act of 1862
Houston, East & West Texas Railway Company v. United States
How I Became a Printer in Philadelphia
How To Be the Perfect Housewife
Humphrey's Executor v. United States
Hyde Park Declaration
I Have a Dream (Primary Source Document)
Illinois Ex Rel. McCollum v. Board of Education of School District No. 71, Champaign County, Illinois
Immigration Act of 1917
Immigration Act of 1921
Immigration Quota Act of 1924
Impeachment Articles
Impeachment of Johnson--Charles Sumner: for Conviction
Impeachment of Johnson--James Grimes: for Acquital
In Re Debs, Petitioner
In Re Eugene Debs, Petitioner
In the House of Delegates
In the Matter of the Aplication of Peter Jacobs
In the Matter of the Application of Peter Jacobs, 1885
Incorporation of Bank of North America
Independence of Texas
Independent Treasury Act of 1846
Indian Removal Act of 1830
Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field
Instructions for the Virginia Colony
Instructions from Malden, Massachusetts, for independence
Instructions of the Town of Braintree, Massachusetts
Instructions to Meriweather Lewis
Internal Improvements & the Power of Congress
International Covenant on Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights
Interstate Commerce Act of 1887
Iroquois Constitution
Issue of Limited War in Korea--Joint Chiefs of Staff to Gen. MacArthur
Jackson's Message on the Specie Circular
James Buffington, Late Collector of Internal Revenue v. Joseph M. Day
Japan's Unconditional Surrender
Japanese Offer of Surrender
Jay Treaty
Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address
Jefferson Davis' Last Message to the People of the Confederacy
John Brown's Last Speech, 1859
John Brown's Raid
John Hancock's Letter to the King of England
Johnson Act of 1934
Johnson on Restoration of Southern States
Johnson's Recommendation for the Revaluation of Public Debt
Johnson-O'Malley Act
Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee v. McGrath, Attorney General, et al.
Joint Resolution Excluding Electoral Votes of the Late
Jones Act of 1916
Journal of a Voyage from England to Philadelphia
Journal of Captain Nathaniel J. Wyeth Expeditions to the Oregon Country
Journey in the Seaboard States
Judiciary Act of 1789
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
Kentucky Resolutions
Knights of Labor Constitution of 1878
Ku Klux Klan Act
Ku Klux Klan: Organization & Principles
Kyoto Protocol
La Follette's Platform of 1924
Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947
Land Act of 1800
Land Law of 1820
Land Ordinance of 1785
Lansing-Ishii Agreement of 1917
Last Statement of Lt. William Calley to His Court Martial
Lecompton Constitution
Lee Resolution
Leg I Left Behind Me
Legal Tender Case: Juilliard v. Greenman
Lend-Lease Act of 1941
Let Us Have Faith that Right Makes Might
Letter From Birmingham Jail
Letter of the President of the Federal Convention, to the President of Congress, Transmitting the Constitution
Letter of William Barret Travis from the Alamo, 1836
Letter on the Salem Witchcraft Proceedings
Letter to A. Lincoln
Letter to her Husband, Absent Upon Publick Employment
Letter to Ho Chi Minh
Letter to Khrushchev on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Letter to the King & Queen of Spain
Letter to the New York Recorder in Opposition to the Mexican/American War
Letters Addressed to the Inhabitants of the Providence of Massachusetts Bay
Letters from a Farmer
Letters of C.W. Scott
Letters Patent to John Cabot, 1496
Lever Act
Leyden Agreement
Liberal Republican Platform
Liberator, Volume I, Number I
Lieut. Otto Weddigen's Account of the U-9 Submarine Attack
Life in the Rocky Mountains
Lili Marlene
Lili Marlene (English)
Lincoln's Letter to General Hooker
Lincoln's Message to Congress
Lincoln's Plan of Reconstruction
Lincoln's Reply to Greeley, 1862
Lincoln's Terms of Peace: Admiral Porter's Report of the City Point Conference
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 1, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 2, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 3, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 4, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 5, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 6, 1858
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Number 7, 1858
Little Old Sod Shanty on My Claim
Lochner v. New York
Locofoco Platform
Lodge Corollary, 1912
Lord Dunmore's Proclamation Freeing the Slaves
Lottery Case n1
Ludlow Massacre
Lusitania Notes
Lyndon B. Johnson Address to Congress, `We Shall Overcome'
Macon's Bill, No. 2
Manifesto of Industrial Workers of the World
Marching Song of the First Arkansas Regiment
Marshall Plan (Primary Source Document)
Martin, Plaintiff in Error, v. Mott, Defendant in Error
Maryland Toleration Act
Massachusetts Bill of Rights
Massachusetts Circular Letter
Massachusetts Government Act
Massachusetts High School Law of 1827
Massachusetts House of Representatives on the Governor's Salary
Massachusetts House to Earl of Shelburne
Massachusetts House to Lord Camden
Massachusetts House to Marquis of Rockingham
Massachusetts Personal Liberty Act
Massachusetts School Law of 1642 (1)
Massachusetts School Law of 1642 (2)
Master of Life Speaks to the Wolf
Mayflower Compact
Mayor Wood's Recommendation for Secession of New York City
McCarran Act of 1950
McCulloch v. The State of Maryland et al.
McNaury-Haugen Bill of 1927
Mechanics & Working Girls
Mediation Protocol of the ABC Conference
Meeker v. Van Rensselaer
Memoir for the Marquis de Seignelay Regarding the Dangers that Threaten Canada & the Means to Remedy Them
Memoir on the English Aggression
Memoir on the French Colonies in North America
Memorial of Presbytery of Hanover County, Virginia
Menace of Lend Lease
Message to Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini
Message to Emperor Hirohito, 1941
Message to Garcia
Message to Gen MacArthur
Message to the Atlanta City Council
Micmac Responds to the French
Milan Decree
Military Lessons of the War
Military Occupation of Japan
Military Unpreparedness
Minersville School District v. Gobitis, 1940
Minor v. Happersett
Miranda v. Arizona, 1966
Mississippi Resolutions on Secession
Missouri Compromise--The Tallmage Amendment
Missouri Compromise--The Taylor Amendment
Missouri Compromise--The Thomas Amendment
Missouri Enabling Act of 1820
Mitchell v. United States et al.
Mobile Address
Modest Enquiry into the Nature & Necessity of Paper Currency
Molasses Act
Monroe Doctrine
Monroe Doctrine & the National Honor
Mooney-Billings Case: Conclusion of the Sub-Committee
Moral Equivalent of War
Morrill Act of 1862
Moscow Conference
Muller v. The State of Oregon
Munn v. Illinois
Mutual Security Act of 1951
My Confession (Atrocities During the Mexican/American War)
My Escape from Slavery
Myers, Administratrix, v. United States
Narrative of Her Life: Mary Jemison
Narrative of Sojourner Truth
Narrative of the Captivity & Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
National Highway Program
National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933
National Labor Relations Act of 1935
National Security Act of 1947
National Uniformity in Textbooks & Curriculum
Natural Slavery of Negro
Naturalization Act
Navigation Act of 1651
Navigation Act of 1660
Navigation Act of 1696
Nebbia v. New York
Need for a Rational Forest Policy
Negative View of Democracy
Negotiations at Appomattox
Negro as an American
Negro Protest Against Segregation in Travel
Negro View of the Mexican War
Nelson Mandela's Speech Upon Release
Neutrality Act of 1937
Neutrality Act of 1939
New England Confederation
New Hampshire Resolution
New Jersey Peace Resolutions--Resolutions of Legislature
New State Ice Co. v. Liebmann
New York City Resolutions on the Boston Port Act
New York Sons of Liberty Resolutions on Tea
Night Before Appomattox
Nine Power Pact of 1922
Nixon Pardon Proclamation Remarks
Nixon v. Herndon et al.
NLRS v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Co.
Norman v. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, 1935
Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act of 1932
North Atlantic Treaty
North Carolina Biennial Act
Northampton County Resolutions on the Stamp Act
Northern Securities Company v. United States
Northwest Ordinance
Note on Berlin BLockade & Airlift, 1948
Note to Japan on Violation of American Rights, 1938
Novanglus, No. VII
Nullification of Force Bill
Nullification Proclamation of 1832
Objections to the Federal Constitution
Objections to the Taxation Consider'd
Obligation of Power
Ocala Platform
Of Plymouth Plantation
Old Soldiers Never Die Speech
On Accomodating the Negroes
On Bacon's Rebellion (Berkeley)
On Bacon's Rebellion (Beverley)
On Braddock's Defeat
On Conciliation with America
On Educating Negro Women
On Medical Education in the Colonies
On Misreporting by the Press
On Pension Legislation
On Permitting Women to Preach
On Restoration of White Rule in South Carolina
On Suppressing Shays Rebellion
On the Case of the Wounded
On the Constitutionality of an Act to Establish a Bank
On the Deaths of John Adams & Thomas Jefferson
On the Disloyalty of Army Officers
On the Essential Equality of the Sexes
On the Misfortune of Indentured Servants
On the Press as an Unofficial Tribunal
On the Selection of Roman Catholic Bishops in America
On the Unsuitability of Military Men for the Public Office
On the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Open Letter to American Workers
Open Skies Proposal
Opinion of the Georgia Supreme Court on Interracial Marriage
Opposition to Wilson's War Message--Speech of Robert M. LaFollette
Ordinance & Constitution of the Virginia Company in England
Oregon Boundary Treaty, 1846
Oregon Treaty
Origins of the Apache Indians
Our Treatment of the Cherokees
Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
Papal Bull Inter Caetera
Paris Peace Treaty of 1783
Patterson Plan of Union
Paul Revere's Account of his Ride
Peace in our Time
Pendleton Act of 1883
Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges
Pennsylvania Resolutions on the Boston Port Act
Pennsylvania v. Nelson
People of State of New York, Appellant, v. David L Williams, Respondent
People vs. Fisher
Perils of Unrestricted Immigration
Permanent Habitation for the American Indians
Persecution of the Jews
Peticion al Gobierno de las Estados Unidos
Petition of 1788 for the Abolition of Slavery in Connecticut
Petition of London Merchants Against the Stamp Act
Petition of London Merchants for Reconciliation with America
Petition of Right
Petition of the Inhabitants of Anson County, North Carolina
Petition to Parliament: Reasons Against a Prohibition of Iron Manufacture in the Plantations
Petition to Parliament: Reasons for Making Bar, As Well as Pig or Sow-Iron in His Majesty's Plantatations
Petition to Parliament: Reasons Offered Against Encouraging Making Iron in America
Philadelphia Penitentiary
Philippine Independence Act of 1934
Pierce, Governor of Oregon, et al. v. Society of Sisters; Pierce, Governor of Oregon, et al. v. Hill Military Academy
Pinckney Treaty of 1795
Plan of Union
Plantation Agreement at Providence
Platform of the American Anti-Imperialist League, 1899
Platform of the Constitutional Union Party
Platform of the Democratic (Breckenridge Faction) Party
Platform of the Progressive Party
Platform of the Socialist Party
Platform of the Union National Convention Held in Baltimore, Md., June 7 & 8, 1864
Platt Amendment
Plessy v. Ferguson
Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company
Populist Party Platform, 1892
Positive Identification of Body of John Wilkes Booth
Preamble of Industrial Workers of the World
Preparedness is Militarism
President Andrew Johnson's Provision for the Provisional Government of South Carolina
President Grant's Proclamation Against the Fenian Invasion of Canada
President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
Presidential Succession Law of 1886
Presidential Succession Law of 1947
Press & Wartime Security
Principles of the John Birch Society
Privileges & Prerogatives Granted to Columbus
Problem of Riders: Hayes' Veto of Army Appropriations Act
Proclamation 4311
Proclamation Appointing a Governor for North Carolina
Proclamation Declaring a Blockade of Southern Ports
Proclamation of 1763
Proclamation of Neutrality
Proclamation of Rebellion
Proclamation of the Delano Grape Workers
Proclamation of the First Thanksgiving
Proclamation of the State of Israel
Proclamation on Slaves
Proclamation on the Whiskey Rebellion
Proclamation Regarding Reconstruction
Program for Social Security
Prolonging Death is No Triumph
Promise of Alaska
Proposal to Arm then Free the Negroes
Proprietors of Charles River Bridge, Plaintiffs in Error v. Proprietors of the Warren Bridge & Others
Protest of the New Jersey Soldiers
Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 (I)
Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 (II)
Protocol for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes
Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, & of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare
Punishment of the Wicked
Puritan Missions to the Indians
Quartering Act of 1765
Quartering Act of 1774
Quebec Act
Quock Walker Case
Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Law of 1970
Railroad Commission of Wisconsin et al. v. Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company
Railroad Retirement Board et al. v. Alton Railroad Co. et al.
Railway Administration Act of 1918
Raleigh Letter
Rambouillet Decree
Reagan v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company
Recall of General MacArthur
Recognition of Soviet Russia
Recommendation of Repeal of the Bland-Allison Act
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Reconstruction Act of 1867 (Supplement I)
Reconstruction Act of 1867 (Supplement II)
Reconstruction Act of 1868
Reconstruction of Tennessee -- Abraham Lincoln's Letter to Andrew Johnson
Recruiting & Maintaining an Army
Reform of the Federal Judiciary--1. Proposed Bill
Relief, Recovery & Reform
Religious Defense of Slavery
Repeal of the Sherman Act
Report of the Government for Western Territory
Report of the Pujo Committee, 1913
Report on Manufacturers
Report on Sanitary Conditions in New York
Republican Platform of 1896
Republican Platform of 1936
Republican Response to the State of the Union Address (Dunn & Largent, 1999)
Repudiation of Dollar Diplomacy: Statement from President Wilson
Request to Repeal the Biennial Act
Resolution for Recognition of Independence of Cuba
Resolution of Congress on Public Lands
Resolutions Against Foreign Mediation
Resolutions in General Assembly
Resolutions of the Freeholders of Albermarle County, Virginia
Resolutions of the Illinois Legislature on the Emancipation Proclamation
Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress
Resolves of the Stamp Act Congress
Restoration of Tennessee
Rhode Island to Virginia
Right to Die
Rights of Man
Rights of the British Colonies Asserted & Proved
Rights of the Colonists
Roe et al. v. Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County
Roerich Pact: Institutions & Monuments in the Americas
Role of the Indians in the Rivalry of France, Spain & England
Roosevelt on the Trusts: Extract from First Annual Message to Congress
Roosevelt's Bank Holiday Declaration of 1933
Roosevelt's Candidacy in 1912: Appeal of the Seven Governors
Root-Takahira Agreement of 1908
Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence
Roving Editor or Talks with Slaves in the Southern States
Rush-Bagot Agreement
Salk Anti-Polio Vaccine
Samuel A Worcester, Plaintiff in Error v. The State of Georgia
Samuel de Champlain: Voyages
Santa Barbara Declaration of Environmental Rights
Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company
Schechter Poultry Corp. vs. United States
Schenck v. United States; Baer v. United States
SEATO Pact of 1954
Secession in Kentucky (I)
Secession in Kentucky (II)
Secession Ordinance of South Carolina
Second Charter of Virginia
Second Force Act of 1871
Second New Deal
Secret Proceedings of the federal convention
Sedition Act
Selective Service Act of 1917
Selective Service Act of 1948
Senate Censure of Joseph McCarthy
Senator Norris Opposes U.S. Entry into the War
Seneca Falls Declaration
Separation of Church & School
Seward's Plan to Avert Civil War
Shays' Rebellion
Shell Manifesto, 1890
Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921
Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890
Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890
Sherman Silver Purchase Act Repeal, 1893
Short Account of the Mohawk Indians
Short Narrative of My Life
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Situation in China
Slaughterhouse Cases, 1873
Slave Ship
Slave Trade Abolition Act of 1807
Slaves Not Rebellious
Smith v. Allwright, Election Judge, et al.
Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930
Smyth v. Ames; Smyth v. Smith; Smyth v. Higginson
Social Creed of the Churches
Social Security Act of 1935
South Carolina Immigration Bill
South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification
South Carolina Protest Against Tariff of 1828
South Carolina's Reply to Jackson's Proclamation
Soviet Note to U.S. re: Laos
Soviet Reply to U.S. Note of 18 August, 1961
Soviet-Japanese Neutrality & Denunciation
Specie Circular
Specie Resumption Act of 1875
Speech to Captain John Smith
Spirit of the Catholic Church
Spoils of Victory
Stamp Act of 1765
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey v. The United States
State of Mississippi v. Johnson, President
State of Missouri v. Holland, United States Game Warden
States Rights & Nullification
Status of Woman, Past, Present, & Future
Statute of the International Court of Justice
Steel Industry Dispute Statement
Steward Machine Co. v. Davis, Collector of Internal Revenue
Stimson Doctrine
Stimson Doctrine, 1931
Suffolk Resolves
Sumner's Resolutions on the Theory of Secession
Supreme Court Actions Against Sherman M. Booth
Surrender of General Joseph E Johnston
Swanson Resolution
T. Hammer, United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, v. Dagenhart et al.
Taft's Veto of the Cotton Bill (H.R. 12812)
Taft-Katsura Memorandum
Tampico Incident: Wilson's Message to Congress
Tanner's Narrative
Taylor Act
Tea Act of 1773
Teapot Dome: Joint Resolution of Congress on Cancellation of Oil Leases
Tehran Conference
Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933
Tenth Congress Session I Chapter V, 1807
Tenure of Office Act of 1867
Testimony of Benjamin Singleton
Testimony of the Canadian Fugitives
Testimony on Soviet Preparations to Attack Germany
Testimony on the Gassing at Auschwitz
Texas & New Mexico Act of 1850
Texas Declaration of Independence
Texas v. White, 1869
Theory of Leisure Class, chap 7
Third Charter of Virginia
Thomas Jefferson on the Importance of New Orleans
Thomas Jefferson's Opinion on the Constitutionality of the Bank
Thoughts on Female Education
To My Dear & Loving Husband
To the Working-Men of Manchester England
Today the Guns are Silent
Tonkin Gulf Incident
Townshend Revenue Act
Traux et al., Copartners, Doing Business Under the Firm Name & Style of William Traux, v. Corrigan et al.
Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Atmosphere
Treaty for the Cession of Louisiana
Treaty of Alliance with France
Treaty of Amity & Commerce
Treaty of Arbitration with China
Treaty of Greenville Wyandots, Delawares, Etc.
Treaty of Peace with Spain
Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty of Versailles, 1919
Treaty of Washington, 1871
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Treaty Regulating Chinese Immigration
Treaty to Facilitate the Construction of a Ship Canal
Treaty with Haiti, 1914
Trial of John Peter Zenger for Libel
Trial of Mrs Douglass for Teaching Colored Children to Read
Tripartite Agreement (Axis)
Truman Loyalty Oath, 1947
Truman's Reply to a Congressional Subpoena
Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward
Two Letters to Ngo Dinh Diem
Tyson & Brother--United Theatre Ticket Offices, Incorporated, v. Banton, District Attorney, et al.
U.S. Disarmament Proposals
U.S. Political Prisoners
Underground Railroad (Primary Source Document)
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
United Nations Participation Act
United Nations Resolutions on Desert Storm
United States Intelligence Flights Over the Soviet Union--the U-2 Incident
United States Note to USSR on Berlin
United States of America, Plaintiff v. Owen Lattimore, Defendant
United States v. Butler et al., Receivers of Hoosac Mills Corp.
United States v. Classic et al.
United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp.
United States v. E. C. Knight Company
United States v. FW Darby Lumber Co. et al.
United States v. Lattimore
United States v. Lovett, Watson, & Dodd
United States v. One Book Called 'Ulysses'
United States v. Rumely
United States v. Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.
United States v. Trans-Missouri Freight Association
United States v. Workingmen's Amalgamated Council of New Orleans et al.
United States, Appellants, v. the Libelants & Claimants of the Schooner Amistad
United States-Puerto Rico Political Status Act (Passed by the House)
Universal Copyright Convention as Revised at Paris on 24 July 1971
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Unjust Treatment of Loyalists
US--China Treaty of 1858
US-German Peace Treaty of 1921
Use of Poison Gas
Utah Act of 1850
Vandenberg Resolution of 1948
Vaughan & Telegraph, 1872
Veazie Bank v. Fenno
Veto of bill to Amend the Natural Gas Act
Veto of First Reconstruction Act
Veto of Freedmen's Bureau Bill
Veto of Maysville Road
Veto of Second Reconstruction Act
Veto of Tenure of Office Act
Veto of the Bonus Bill
Veto of the Cumberland Road Bill
Veto of the Immigration & Nationality Act
Veto of the Internal Security Bill
Veto of the Muscle Shoals Resolution
Veto of the Soldiers' Bonus Bill
Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (1985)
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement
View of the Revolution (Through Indian Eyes)
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Virginia Instructions to the Continental Congress
Virginia Non-Importation Agreement
Virginia Plan of Union
Virginia Resolutions
Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions
Virginia's Cession of Western Lands to the United States
Volstead Act of 1919
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Voyage of the Mayflower
Wabash Cannonball
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway Company v. Illinois
Wade-Davis Bill of 1864
Wade-Davis Manifesto
Wagner-Steagall Act, 1937
War Powers Act of 1973
West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish et al.
West Virginia State Board of Education et al. v. Barnette et al.
Who Will Fight for the Worth of Women's Work?
William Marbury v. James Madison, Secretary of State of the United States
Wilmot Proviso, 1846
Wilson's Veto of Literacy Test for Immigrants
Wilson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, v. New et al., Receivers of the Missouri, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway Company
With Burgoyne from Quebec
With Malice Toward None
Wonders of Invisible World
World War I, Report on War Guilt by the `Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of the War'
World War I, The Allies Accept the Fourteen Points
World War I, the Armistice Demands
World War I, U.S. Participation in the Archangel Expedition
Yalta (Crimea) Conference
Yankee Doodle
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. et al. v. Sawyer
Zimmerman Note, 1917