My Library Journey

Your library extends far past the walls and shelves. Your library is multifaceted. Your library is a constant force in people’s life journey.

Meet Julie and Explore Her Library Journey

Julie is like so many of your library users. While the connection to the library may start in childhood, it grows and deepens with every stage in her life.

Your library touches people's lives every day – whether it is their pursuit of knowledge, strengthening their community, or providing a haven for individuals to explore, question, seek and wonder.

We all have a #MyLibraryJourney. 


“My library offered a summer reading contest when I was younger. I wasn’t a big reader at the time, but I wanted to read as many books as I could because those with the most read books had their name placed on the wall. I wanted my name on the wall so badly. I remember riding my bike to the library many times that summer so I could take out another book. By the end of the summer, my name was finally placed on the wall. I was so proud.”

- Karena D. 


“The entire experience of working at the school’s library is one of my fondest college memories. I worked as a Student Assistant for almost four years. I worked at the circulation desk checking out library resources, and at night I was a library security guard. When I wasn’t busy checking out books, answering the phones or turning off the lights before closing hours (at 2 AM), I could do my homework at the circulation desk while getting paid. This allowed me to get a paycheck every other Friday and kept my GPA up while I struggled through Business Calculus II.”

- Henry H. 


“Having the opportunity to visit the Library of Congress took my breath away. The Main Reading Room made me feel like a kid in a candy store, and the architecture was stunning. Can't wait to go back for another visit!”

- Emily N.

Librarian Memories

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