The Digital Squeeze

Intro Episode: Meet Host Julie Twomey

Aug 23, 2019

Introducing podcast host Julie Twomey, an avid consumer of digital resources, who will guide listeners through programs about the creation and consumption of digital resources and the impact they have on our everyday lives as students, professionals, and parents.

Julie Twomey: Hi, welcome to The Digital Squeeze podcast. I’m your host Julie Twomey.

This podcast offers easy listening conversations with some of today's top digital content creators and distributors for ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines as well as discussions with librarians and library lovers about the evolution of digital resources in libraries and the movement to a stackless environment.

So whether you're a librarian, a library patron, or just a person who loves books, audiobooks, and digital magazines, this program will have something for you.

So I created this podcast with my colleagues here at EBSCO Information Services as a way to bring the conversation of the love of digital resources to light. I’m an avid audiobook consumer myself and some of my favorite picks I often want to share with the world. So that’s what really brought this podcast to fruition.

So you can look forward to some really lively conversations, a little dash of humor here and there, and some really engaging tips for librarians in order to market their resources.

Some upcoming episodes include conversations with award-winning author Sharon Draper about her new book Blended, popular audiobook narrator Julia Whelan wo talk about her new audiobook projects including the newly released Evvie Drake Starts Over, and a lively chat about popular audiobooks with editor and founder of AudioFile magazine Robin Whitten and media consultant Francisca Goldsmith.

So I hope you enjoy this podcast and thank you for listening to The Digital Squeeze!

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