The Digital Squeeze


Conversations about Digital Resources in Today's Libraries

Interesting, easy-listening conversations with some of today's top digital content creators and distributors for eBooks, audiobooks and digital magazines as well as discussions with librarians and library lovers about the evolution of digital resources in libraries and the movement to a stackless environment.

Robin Whitten & Francisca Goldsmith

The Digital Squeeze Episode 1: Francisca Goldsmith & Robin Whitten

September 09, 2019

Audiobooks continue to rise in popularity and currently represent the fastest growing segment in publishing. Listen to Julie discuss the rise in audiobook creation as well as popular and newly released audio content with two prominent voices from AudioFile Magazine.

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Julie Twomey

Intro Episode: Meet Host Julie Twomey

August 23, 2019

Introducing podcast host Julie Twomey, an avid consumer of digital resources, who will guide listeners through programs about the creation and consumption of digital resources and the impact they have on our everyday lives as students, professionals, and parents.