EBSCO Information Services and Via Appia Announce Services Agreement for Libraries Instituting the FOLIO Library Services Platform

~ Agreement with Information Technology Company in Brazil Offers Libraries Implementation and Support Services for FOLIO Systems ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — January 2, 2020 — A new relationship between EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Via Appia ensures that libraries in Brazil looking to adopt the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) will have access to local hosting and support services. Via Appia will provide FOLIO implementation and support services, backed by EBSCO-hosting technology and data services.

Via Appia, founded in 1993 is located in Brasilia, Brazil, and is committed to the innovation and commercialization of products in library systems. Via Appia’s CEO, Geraldo Couto, says that Via Appia’s commitment to customer care and library innovations will allow the relationship with EBSCO to succeed in Brazil. “The addition of open source services is important for local institutions looking for choice. By partnering with EBSCO, we can support the latest technology via the FOLIO Library Services Platform enabling Brazilian institutions to implement FOLIO while Via Appia leverages its local expertise to focus on service and customer support.”

EBSCO has supported FOLIO with funding, developers and project management, as well as provided funding for other open source projects including Koha. In addition to partnering with service providers around the globe, EBSCO will also be providing hosting services and advanced software support to libraries. EBSCO is also creating a complement of data integration services for libraries adopting the FOLIO LSP.

EBSCO Information Services Director of FOLIO Partnerships, Mark Allcock, says these vendor agreements are giving EBSCO the opportunity to create a high level of customer service standards in various geographical regions. “It’s important that service providers like EBSCO and Via Appia work together on local support structures for libraries in Brazil that are looking to implement FOLIO. As we move into the next steps in the FOLIO development, we will continue creating partnerships with providers so libraries around the world can benefit from the FOLIO LSP.”

FOLIO is a community of librarians, developers and service providers working together to create an open source LSP that supports traditional resource management functionality but which has been designed so that it can extend into emerging areas. FOLIO applications are modular and based on microservices allowing multiple vendors or libraries to contribute applications and enabling FOLIO to exist as a platform for innovation. More information is available at www.folio.org.

About EBSCO Information Services
EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is the leading discovery service provider for libraries worldwide with more than 11,000 discovery customers in over 100 countries. EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) provides each institution with a comprehensive, single search box for its entire collection, offering unparalleled relevance ranking quality and extensive customization. EBSCO is also the preeminent provider of online research content for libraries, including hundreds of research databases, historical archives, point-of-care medical reference, and corporate learning tools serving millions of end users at tens of thousands of institutions. EBSCO is the leading provider of electronic journals & books for libraries, with subscription management for more than 360,000 serials, including more than 57,000 e-journals, as well as online access to more than 1,000,000 e-books. For more information, visit the EBSCO website at: www.ebsco.com. EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a family owned company since 1944.

For more information, please contact:
Kathleen McEvoy
Vice President of Communications
(800) 653-2726 ext. 2594

About Via Appia
Via Appia is an IT company founded in 1993 in Brasilia, Brazil. The challenge of the company, which was born in the foundation and which continues to the present date, is the development and commercialization of products dedicated mainly to the area of Information Science, always valuing the semantic processing, the conceptual recovery of information in a contextualized way. In principle its focus was on systems of libraries, archives and corporate search. In 2005, it began to apply its expertise in the area of intelligence, with a focus on combating money laundering, fraud and cybercrime. Today Via Appia has clients in all States of the Federation of Brazil and already with its solutions operating in the United States of America. The experience with several Public Ministries, Federal Police Superintendencies in Brazil, among other Civil and Military Police, marks the strong brand of Via Appia, acquired in its more than 20 years of existence. Via Appia has specialized team not only in IT, but in ontologies and Information Science. Besides being present in Brasília, it has partners in Portugal and is in the process of opening its first office in the United States of America. To provide the most modern technologies for its customers, Via Appia has a strong partnership with IBM, being at the highest level of existing partnership.

For more information, please contact:
Geraldo Couto
CEO, Via Appia
+55 (61) 3361-2750

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