Lori Reed of NoveList

Lori Reed

Marketing Specialist

As NoveList's marketing specialist, Lori shares the features and benefits of NoveList products through emails, videos, and social media. A certified Virtual Learning Expert, Lori produces the highly successful NoveList Conversations and Crash Course webinar series. Before joining NoveList in 2012, Lori spent twelve years at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library as the staff development coordinator where she developed a technology core competencies program and introduced online learning.

Named a 2009 Library Journal Mover & Shaker for advocating for learning opportunities for all staff, Lori is the coauthor of Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Libraries and Nonprofit Trainers and has written articles for American Libraries and Computers in Libraries. She has spoken at libraries and conferences across North America on topics such as lifelong learning, advocacy, and coping with change in libraries. Lori served on the board of ALA's Learning Round Table and is a guest lecturer at San Jose State University.

An avid Doctor Who fan, Lori dreams of adventures with the Tenth Doctor. When not working or playing Minecraft with her two kids, Lori reads dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction with strong female characters while fending off her two cats.

Lori's recommended reads: