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Find books that resonate with your readers, no matter what they're into. 

Find books for pop culture fans

Recommended Reads lists

If you've got kids interested in popular movies, TV shows, Broadway musicals, and bands but not so into reading, try NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus “For Fans Of…” lists. Not only do those lists suggest some good titles, but we also offer language you can use to talk about why a certain book is perfect for your happy TV watcher.

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Books to movies (and TV)

NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus also include information about books made into movies, books made into TV shows, and manga made into anime. Find everything you need to fill a display, booklist, or email by typing GN Page to screen or GN manga to anime into the search box. You can further limit by age range on the left.

Show off the great books you've got

Show off the books in your library that connect to popular culture with easy-to-share flyers, social media posts, and bookmarks from LibraryAware. Share these in emails to parents, with daycares in your community, as handouts in schools, and where ever your library has outreach to children, parents, and teachers. 

Books and Pop Culture Printables

Love these templates? Print them off to use in your library (Star Wars, To All the Boys I've Loved Beforeand Enola Holmes). LibraryAware customers can create and edit their own.

Buy the right books

Core Collections includes NoveList genres which means you can compare those essential books that were made into movies with what you've got in your collection and make sure you've got the books you need — and that you don't spend money on the ones you don't.

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