NoveList Plus

Help everyone in your community realize a love of reading with NoveList Plus.

Readers’ Advisory Resources

Need to learn about that new genre? Or build a book display? Teach with books? NoveList Plus includes resources and inspiration at your fingertips.

Featured articles introduce a subgenre or topic, and titles within this genre/topic. Use these articles to plan book displays, reading lists, or book-themed events.

Genre guides
Each genre guide includes a brief definition of the genre and common characteristics, key titles, series, and authors, including foundational, current, and up-and-coming reads, how to help and market to readers who enjoy this genre, and much more!  

Genre training
You can browse by genre to see information about highlighted new books, carousels on subgenres, and recommended articles and lists. You'll also find genre outlines, links to our popular Crash Course genre series, and printables made in LibraryAware

Professional Development

Your staff is your library’s most valuable resource, and ongoing professional development keeps their skills sharp and relevant. We can help build the confidence and capacity they need to represent your library more effectively to readers, whether it’s at the desk, in the stacks, or through book displays, newsletters, and social media.

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“With these tools, we can provide readers’ advisory at 3:00 AM, with more robust information than any staff member could remember!”

Robin Nesbitt, Columbus Metropolitan Library

"NoveList Plus is like a huge cheat code for readers' advisory."

John Davis, Durham County Library

"NoveList Plus has taken a huge step forward in helping librarians make audiobook suggestions and find listen-alikes by including appeal language specifically designed for audiobooks..."

Neal Wyatt in Library Journal


Want NoveList Plus connected to your catalog?

We offer three different ways for NoveList Plus to connect to your catalog, including On The Shelf (compatible with most ILSs) that offers real-time availability information.

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