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Create gateways of book discovery in your catalog, self-checkout, and other patron experience systems.

In your ebook app

NoveList, Simply E, and The Palace Project have partnered to bring you trusted recommendations inside an ebook app designed especially for libraries.

SimplyE and The Palace Project are open-source apps for ebooks. They make it easy for readers to browse, discover and read your library’s ebook collection – without having to open and login into multiple apps.

It’s easy to add the trusted recommendations from NoveList Select into either app and help patrons discover their next great read.

If you have both NoveList Select and SimplyE, or NoveList Select and The Palace Project, email to get started. 

Please check out our help documentation for more information.

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NoveList Select and ILS Integrations

We know the world of Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) is complicated, and products change frequently. Learn about some of the major vendors and systems we work with, as well as how NoveList Select might look in your catalog.

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NoveList Select for Catalog: Analytics Dashboard

Use NoveList Select's Analytics Dashboard to see your NoveList Select usage data from any web-enabled device, anywhere, any time. This dashboard provides a window into how your library’s patrons are viewing and interacting with information in the catalog.

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