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Diversify your library's digital collection by giving readers an audible e-book format that increases reading levels, introduces new vocabulary and foreign languages, and instills good listening skills.

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High-Quality Audiobooks Hand-Picked by Librarians

With more than 175,000+ audiobooks to choose from, collections are a great way to save time finding and ordering top books. Order a whole collection or individual titles that are just right for your library, school or business:

  • Academic audiobooks
  • Medical audiobooks
  • Business audiobooks
  • Popular fiction and nonfiction audiobooks
  • Award-winning audiobooks
  • And many more

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AudioFile Magazine Presents...

EBSCO Audiobooks partners with AudioFile magazine to present collections of top-reviewed audiobooks across popular genres, including:  

  • Family Listening 
  • Diverse Books 
  • InfoListening – Knowledge Discovery 
  • LGBTQ+  
  • Own Voices

For audiobook reviews or to learn more about AudioFile visit the AudioFile website.


The Digital Squeeze: A Podcast

Enjoy interesting, easy-listening conversations with some of today's top digital content creators and distributors for e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines as well as discussions with librarians and library lovers about the evolution of digital resources in libraries and the movement to a stackless environment.

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Popular Audiobooks for Professionals

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to devote to reading. Luckily, audiobooks are a great way to learn or enjoy a good story while relaxing, commuting or multi-tasking. Enjoy this short clip and follow @EBSCO on Twitter to see more.

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