Fiero Code

Fiero Code is an award-winning learn-to-code solution that offers libraries a low-effort way to bring high-impact computer programming education to the young people in their communities. 

A Learn-to-Code Solution for Young People

Since 2013, Fiero Learning has been partnering with libraries to help people unlock new opportunities and hopeful futures through coding education. Today, Fiero Code makes it easy for public libraries and schools around the world to deliver computer programming education to their communities.

With Fiero Code, libraries get a three-in-one product:

A Digital Resource
Just like a language-learning app, Fiero Code becomes a resource that libraries offer to their community for self-guided, remote access. Unlimited users, unlimited access. 

An After-School Program
Fiero Code provides training and support so library staff members can start and run successful before- or after-school code clubs – no coding expertise required!

A Special Event
Fiero Code runs coding contests throughout the year that are free to enter and award coders with prizes such as codable robots, drones and more. Fiero Code does all the administrative work; libraries just get to promote the contests to their communities.

Powered by Award-Winning Software

Fiero Code’s web-based software bridges the gap between a content delivery system and a creative tool. Through hundreds of coding activities, tutorials and projects, learners will master computer programming skills, build a portfolio of their work, and equip themselves with the skills they’ll need to secure the jobs of the future. Fiero Code software is:

  • Web-based: Fiero Code works on any device. No downloads needed!
  • A one-stop shop: Students can write and run code from right within Fiero Code.
  • Expansive: The program offers more than six years’ worth of content.
  • Gamified: It offers a user-friendly design that learners love working in.
  • Creative: Fiero Code is a place where students can create whatever they dream up.
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MLA Platinum Award Winners  Blog Image
MLA Platinum Award Winners  Blog Image

Fiero Code Earns Platinum Distinction for the 2023 Modern Library Awards

"Fiero Code is a great product for all patrons but particularly for our youth. It teaches them to code early on, which will prepare many of them for a future in tech." — Modern Library Awards Judge, 2023

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