A Learn-to-Code Software for Kids

Coding is the new literacy. Yet many kids have little or no access to computer programming education. That’s where libraries come into the equation. Through the Fiero Code platform, libraries can provide kids ages 8-18 in your community with an engaging experience as they learn how to code. Prepare them for the jobs of the future and instill life skills like problem solving and creative thinking. Fiero Code includes coding tutorials and coding projects for kids, plus: 

  • Instruction in Scratch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL programming languages
  • Portfolio to display user-created websites, video games, apps, animations and programs
  • “Share with Parents” feature that allows coders to share projects with parents, friends or family members
  • Moderated discussion board for coders to access educational support
  • Curriculum for Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi maker hardware devices
  • Curriculum for Ozobot and Sphero codable robots
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard with detailed reporting
  • Remote access
  • Training and support for before- or after-school code clubs

Self-Guided Computer Programming Education

Young people have an inherent desire to learn. The Fiero Code platform lets kids go at their own pace and work on projects that are interesting to them. Through numerous tutorials and projects, users will gain the skills necessary to build websites, video games, apps, animations, programs, and more.

Whether a coder wants to learn how to make a website for their favorite band or an app that gives compliments to their friends, Fiero Code provides the roadmap to get them there. It’s fun, engaging, gamified, and ultimately helps kids take ownership over the entire experience.

Gamified Learning Experience

The Fiero Code platform incorporates recent developments in understanding how kids learn in gamified settings. As coders complete activities, they unlock new gear and items that can be used to customize their avatar.

Project-Based Learning

Fiero Code provides the opportunity for coders to use their own creativity to build real websites, video games, apps, programs, and animations as a part of their learning journey.

The Fiero Code platform includes dozens of projects to help coders develop their competencies. These projects will contribute greatly to their coding education, and the cumulation of their work can function as a portfolio of evidence that they take with them into the real world.

Admin Dashboard to Make Library Management Easy

Fiero Code’s best-in-class administrative dashboard helps schools and libraries stay organized. Detailed reports provide the following statistics:

  • Total Users
  • Total Logins
  • Total Coding Activities Completed
  • Total Hours in Software
  • Ages
  • Gender
  • Filter by System, Library or Program
  • Filter by date range

Additional features include an in-app messaging system to communicate with users, as well as a password reset feature to easily assist patrons with resetting their passwords.


  • Modern Library Award, Platinum Distinction - 2023

Fiero Code is a great product for all patrons but particularly for our youth. It teaches them to code early on, which will prepare many of them for a future in tech.

Modern Library Awards Judge, 2023