Graphic Novels Core Collection

The growing popularity of graphic novels makes them an increasingly important part of your school or public library's offerings. The Graphic Novels Core Collection database highlights more than 5,000 titles for all ages over three recommendation levels. The collection includes descriptive and evaluative annotations and cover art.

What are Core Collections?

For all of your collection development and maintenance, general reference and readers’ advisory needs, Core Collections (formerly H.W. Wilson's Standard Catalogs) are reliable guides to help librarians build and maintain well-rounded collections of the most highly recommended reference, non-fiction and fiction books. Learn more about Core Collections.

Available Packages:

H.W. Wilson Core Collections 3-pack:

  • Children’s Core Collection
  • Middle & Junior High Core Collection
  • Senior High Core Collection

H.W. Wilson Core Collections 5-pack (includes access to dedicated Core Collections Complete interface):

  • Fiction Core Collection
  • Nonfiction Core Collection
  • Children's Core Collection
  • Middle & Junior High Core Collection
  • Senior High Core Collection

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Recommended to librarians and libraries at all levels. Easy to use, economical and time-saving for librarians and paraprofessionals working on collection development.


Created by Librarians, for Librarians

The Graphic Novels Core Collection database covers a variety of genres including adventure, biography, fantasy, superhero, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and more. Standards for rating materials by age appropriateness are strictly applied. This content can be used for collection development, readers’ advisory and curriculum support.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive annotations, including review excerpts and awards the title has won
  • Full-text book reviews of recommended titles
  • All titles searchable by author, title, subject, genre and grade level
  • Applied standards for rating material by age appropriateness
  • Cover art

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