EBSCO Supports Curriculum Programs around the World

To support classroom instruction, student research, and the integration of information technologies, EBSCO’s databases feature reliable, high-quality content from a number of popular and academic sources. These resources cover a vast array of subject areas and support the curriculum programs of schools around the world.

Additionally, EBSCOhost is the most widely used research platform in academic institutions around the world. Using EBSCO’s resources in support of your school's curriculum will ensure that graduates are well-prepared to excel with projects and research in the university environment.

Integration of 21st Century Information Technologies

  • Easy access to online resources anytime, anywhere, from any computer or mobile device

  • Advanced search and retrieval options to help students quickly locate relevant resources

Resources for Developing Multimodal Literacy

  • Full-text articles from a variety of source types that...

    – facilitate close study of text structures
    – reflect multiple perspectives
    – encourage student inquiry
    – develop critical and creative thinking skills
    – promote ethical and intercultural understanding

  • Multimedia content, such as maps, graphs, charts, images, audio recordings, and videos

Tools for Differentiated Instruction

  • Reading measures that provide estimate of search result’s reading difficulty and the approximate reading ability level required for comprehension

  • Text-to-speech for HTML articles to assist struggling readers and those learning English

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