Three Initial Products

Pathways to Research consists of three initial research products:

  • Pathways to Research in Education
  • Pathways to Research in Business and Economics
  • Pathways to Research in Sustainability


Each product focuses on emerging topics in the field and contain nearly 100 original curated research summaries available only in Pathways to Research. These research summaries are written by scholars, professors and others at the PhD level. They are about 3,000 words in length and are focused on key developing topics not covered well in textbooks. They are enhanced with visuals including photos, illustrations and charts and link out to related articles from authoritative sources. New topics are added on an ongoing basis and research summaries are continually updated. 


Each research summary is written concisely and in plain language to show students that research can be non-intimidating. Each research summary cites mostly peer-reviewed journals and scholarly books, providing authoritative resources for students to further explore their research topic, and models the way students should synthesize material and use academic resources.

Searchable in EBSCO Discovery Service

Pathways to Research products can be searched in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) for those customers who purchase EDS.