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PrepSTEP is a dynamic online learning platform that can change the lives of students through academic success and preparation for today’s workplace. It is packed with powerful resources for self-guided skill building, supplemental development materials, and vital tools for career preparation and workforce readiness. Available in two editions for 2-Year Community Colleges and Colleges & Universities. 

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At a Glance

Ideal For: Academic Libraries

Nine Targeted Learning Centers:

  • College Success Skills
  • Core Math and Science Skills Review
  • Core English Skills Review
  • Career and Workplace Preparation
  • Placement Test Preparation
  • ACT and SAT Test Preparation
  • High School Equivalency Center
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Spanish Center (Recursos Para Hispanohablante)

Tools That Empower Students to:

  • Build foundational skills for college success
  • Improve core English, math and science skills
  • Conquer developmental coursework
  • Score higher on college placement tests
  • Acquire basic computer skills
  • Build workplace skills and explore careers
  • Prepare for occupational licensing exams
  • Succeed in college and beyond

Our library uses LearningExpress for a variety of reasons, and one of the things we promote is the variety of skill-building exercises and things that there are in the product. And no matter what level you are, students can work their way up.

David Wright, Assoc. Dean of Digital Learning, Surry Community College, NC

One Resource, Multiple Uses

PrepSTEP provides targeted learning centers that provide easy-to-use, intuitive online navigation for interactive tutorials, practice tests and e-books. PrepSTEP resources are also designed to meet the specific needs of 2-year community college and 4-year college and university students who are in need of extra academic support, including college and grad school admissions test prep, as well as high school equivalency exam prep for students working towards achieving a non-traditional high school credential before or while completing college-level courses.

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