The essential online poisons information database, TOXINZ is for researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide. It offers information on chemicals and chemical products, pharmaceuticals, plants and hazardous creatures.

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Subject Area: Medical
Ideal For: Academic LibrariesCorporationsHealth Care

Coverage Includes

  • More than 190,000 documents
  • 6,500 treatment protocols
  • 30,000 pharmaceuticals
  • 160,000 commercial and household products
  • Intervention criteria, including observation period and admission criteria
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Drug toxicity
  • Therapeutic drug information
  • Images to assist with identification of plants and animals

Features Include

  • Treatment pathways enabling appropriate management improved outcomes
  • Advice and image support
  • Updates made in real time
  • Combinations of drug monographs
  • Custom-created monographs

Quickly Accessible Evidence-Based Content

Information in TOXINZ contains clear recommendations on patient management to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of poisonings and exposure to toxins. All content in TOXINZ is fully referenced and specifically tailored to meet the needs of researchers and healthcare professionals. Brand names and combination products are included removing the need for the clinicians to identify individual ingredients and chemical entities.

Current, Concise and Easy-to-Use

The content in TOXINZ is continuously reviewed and updated in real time including content on top searches and new products that are coming to market. In-depth coverage in full format gives you background information on the toxicology behind the poisoning.

TOXINZ features easy search, navigation and printing.  All content is fully referenced with direct links to PubMed.  Searches in TOXINZ are conducted through a single search window and are assisted with "did you mean" suggestions when search terms are spelled incorrectly.

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