Publisher Support

Technical Specifications

Preferred File Formats:

Each Flipster issue submission must include:

  • PDF files, version 1.3 or later
  • All covers, front/back matter, advertisements.
  • PDF must not be flattened or be image-only. Article text must be selectable.
  • PDF must be free of security features, must not be locked or password protected.

FAQs for Flipster

  • What is a FTP site?


    FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and is an internet site where you a network protocol that allows you to transfer computer files from your local sever to an FTP server. It is easy to use and is the most efficient way to send data to EBSCO. We will supply you with FTP login credentials (the host URL, username and password). You can log-in, and then drag and drop your PDFs onto the FTP folder.

    These files will be mirrored to EBSCO’s server and our Content Management team will retrieve them for processing.

    For instructions on how to use FTP, please refer to the Quick Links section on this page.

  • Why do you need a publication schedule and on sale dates?


    On sale dates help us guarantee each issue is made available to readers no sooner than the published date.  

  • Do you accept XML files?


    As long as a PDF is also available, we will also use the XML to maximize production speed. 

  • What are my recent sales statistics?


    Please email Publisher Satisfaction for sales information.  

  • When should I provide each issue to EBSCO?


    Each issue should be provided to EBSCO at least three days before it is scheduled to go on sale.

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