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OpenAthens is a single sign-on service that allows end users to log in just once to all their library’s electronic resources using a single set of credentials.

OpenAthens Keystone is a cloud-based single sign-on service that enables publishers to join identity federations world-wide without needing to become experts in access management technology.

Why OpenAthens?

1. Enables your business to grow- Easily scalable to accommodate a wide range of customers in different industries and countries world-wide. Many organizations in education and research, healthcare, pharmaceutical and commerce are choosing federated single sign-on solutions such as OpenAthens.

2. Greater market intelligence- Find out more about types of users (eg. student, staff or researcher), what content they are interested in and how they are discovering, accessing and using it (favorites, saved searches, annotated content). You’ll also be able to track user journeys to your content (eg. via Google search, library system, or direct article link).

3. An exceptional user experience- OpenAthens creates a consistent, personalised user experience, creating more opportunities for users to discover, access and engage wherever they are. Users can also get straight to your content through article-level links.

4. Protects user privacy and your content- Secure exchange of encrypted anonymous user data protects the user’s identity and privacy. OpenAthens complies with ISO security standards and can help identify any misuse or license breach which isn’t possible with IP-based access. For example, it continually monitors the service to identify large numbers of transfers.

Technical Specifications

Please refer to technical documentation for more information.

FAQs for OpenAthens

  • How can publishers support federated access to their platform/content?


    If demand for OpenAthens is growing amongst your customers, reach out to Federated access means quicker, more streamlined set-up for customers who adopt OpenAthens, among other benefits. If your platform does not support federated single sign-on and your customers are demanding it, OpenAthens Keystone can help bridge that gap.

  • What is OpenAthens Keystone?


    OpenAthens Keystone is cloud-based software that allows you to participate in identity federations around the world and provides secure and easy access to your content.

    Keystone can be used for logging into a platform that does not natively support SAML technology. SAML is an industry standard which enables secure, seamless access and personalization, ultimately driving increased traffic to your content.

  • What is OpenAthens Wayfinder?


    OpenAthens Wayfinder is an organization discovery service that enables end users to easily find their organization to login using geo-location or by typing their email address into a simple search box.

    The hosted version is free to any publisher or library platform provider. An embedded and pop-up version are also available as part of our Keystone service.

  • Why do I want to join identity federations using OpenAthens?


    Identity federations are where you will find customers that buy institutional subscriptions and site licenses.

    The OpenAthens Federation is the only one in the world that accepts participation from any country and sector. Customers may include universities, colleges, hospitals and healthcare organizations, government departments, corporations and multi-nationals. It is one of the largest identity federations globally and currently supports over 2,600 customers.

    Without federated single sign-on, each customer requires its own specific connection and this can result in a lot of management and maintenance. Federations standardize the interchange between the institution and the publisher, streamlining the connection process for each customer who wants single sign-on to your platform. Keystone takes that to another level by doing all the hard work for you.

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