Journal and e-Package Subscription Services

EBSCO provides subscription management services for hundreds of thousands of serials including print journals, e-journals and e-packages.

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Reduce Your Workload

EBSCO provides core intermediary services for publishers to assist with administrative tasks and reduce costs and administrative burdens with EBSCO subscription management. As a service channel to libraries, corporations and other institutions, we can help to streamline tasks and maximize cash flow. EBSCO is an information and transactional intermediary between publishers and libraries on the sale and service of content.

EBSCO can reduce publisher’s workload and efficiently assist with access and management of all subscription-based information, whether print, electronic or e-journal collections of content.

Core intermediary services include order placement, renewal assistance, claiming, invoicing and prepayment, which allow you to devote maximum time and resources to serve your customers’ information needs. Our customer service staff handles inquiries in the local language, thereby relieving publishers of this time-consuming task.

We manage the acquisition of 360,000 titles to our 50,000 customers annually. EBSCO is a single point of contact for order processing, payments, renewals, claims and customer service. We handle all workflow requirements for the publisher and guarantee timely payment for subscription orders. Combined, EBSCO helps save publishers costs, time and resources.

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