By providing complete redundancy and fail-over, we deliver the reliability and security you expect. Information security and privacy are top priorities. We instill security consciousness into our policies and procedures so that security and usability are perfectly complemented.

Our Security Approach

Our approach establishes adequate protection of information assets while fostering a security mindset in day-to-day operations. The goal is to provide a hosting and delivery environment that is safe and secure from unauthorized access, while continuing to serve the needs of libraries and publishers alike.

EBSCO’s Information Security, Business Continuity Management & Compliance Program implements a risk-based approach to identify potential deficiencies and build resilience and recovery strategies into all we do. We identify risks and opportunities across business, technology and operational areas to develop resilient infrastructure and business processes, as well as recovery and event management. This approach supports EBSCO’s commitment to delivering reliable and secure services to our customers.

Risk and Compliance Program

EBSCO uses a combination of multi-industry information security best practices from PCI, ISO, SANS, NIST, COBIT, CIS to DRII and BCI to protect customers and provide confidentiality, integrity, security and availability of its services and data. Our values include:

  • Build resilience in a changing threat landscape.
  • Form a basis for compliance with defined policies, standards and procedures.
  • Raise information security awareness with our organization and customers.
  • Create a proactive IS development approach, in addition to a reactive threat management strategy, to respond to our changing environment and industry.

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