Our applications work within your ecosystem. Through web services and APIs, we interface with a multitude of third-party solutions such as your integrated library system (ILS), learning management system (LMS) and more.

Library’s Ecosystem

EBSCO understands that a library ecosystem is comprised of various tools and applications. To give your users the best possible experience, you need these applications to work together. We’ve developed applications with maximum support for web services and APIs, so you can deliver a reliable and user-friendly search experience. For example:

  • Interfacing with your integrated library system (ILS) to enable patron functionality within EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)
  • Importing courseware into your learning management systems
  • Integrating search directly into your website or discovery environment (third-party proprietary or open source) with EBSCO APIs
  • Embedding the EBSCO experience directly into your institution’s intranet
  • Enabling OpenURL linking through the Z39.50 protocol

ILS Integration

The EBSCO Discovery Service API (EDS API) provides users with EDS search functionality within the library’s ILS interface. Because of EBSCO’s partnerships with many ILS vendors, EDS functionality can be easily incorporated into most systems through the EDS API. EBSCO has established dozens of partnerships with ILS vendors worldwide who use the API to integrate EDS search results and relevance ranking in their interfaces. These partnerships help increase exposure to valuable resources through a unified search experience.

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