Intuitive Search

Provide every user with an intuitive search experience and easy-to-use searching platform.

Predictive Search

Our search technology helps users get their end result as quickly as possible. Predictive search means that our platforms can anticipate the intent behind every query and display relevant results. Through auto-complete functionality, keyword suggestions are automatically displayed as users begin to enter their search terms. This has been an area of significant investment. We process and analyze the query so that we can execute the best search possible, helping us deliver the best results possible.

Our platforms are designed for a variety of users, from novice to expert researchers. We provide both a simple, single search box and an advanced search experience with further limiters. Our intuitive search supports Boolean logic, nested and proximity searching, wildcard searching, left-anchored searching, truncation and more.

Our search technology is based on extensive user research and feedback. And to further guide users in their search, our technology displays authoritative summary articles for tens of thousands of popular topics at the top of the search results list.

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