User Experience Design

Our user interface (UI) design is based on in-depth research to understand the needs and habits of many different users.

Interfaces Based on User Research

Our commitment to user research helps us create resources that are intuitive, customizable and user-friendly. EBSCO’s User Research team employs a comprehensive approach to ensuring the usability of all EBSCO interfaces. We are strongly committed to listening to the feedback from our users, customers and advisors in order to improve existing interfaces and understand opportunities for creating new ones.

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User-Centered Interfaces

Our flexible UI offers a productive search experience for users of any age or skill level. The UI is customizable and provides the backbone for all EBSCO search platforms:

  • EBSCOhost provides access to hundreds of online databases, e-books, digital archives, digital magazines and more, and fully integrates with other EBSCO products.
  • The EBSCO Discovery Service platform is based on EBSCOhost functionality but includes all library resources in its results list.
  • The Explora search interfaces for schools and public libraries feature an attractive design with easily browsed categories to improve the search outcomes of students, teachers and library patrons.
  • Point-of-care interfaces help clinicians quickly access useful information for their patients while inviting them to conduct deeper research on a topic.
  • EBSCO’s corporate learning interfaces, including Leadership & Management Learning Center, drive users to valuable business and training content.


Customization options allow you to enhance the functionality of the UI and help guide different users to the content they are seeking. From apps to branding, you can adjust the look and feel of our resources to suit your organization and users. Customization options include:

  • Search tools: Choose the limiters, expanders and export methods that benefit your users.
  • Branding: Adjust the look and feel of the UI to fit your institution’s image.
  • Various profiles: Address granular needs for users to search in specific subject areas.
  • Linking: Create links which can appear in search results and individual record items.
  • API: Add EBSCO search functionality to your institution’s website.

Search Options

EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service platforms offer both Basic and Advanced Search options to meet the needs of all researchers. Basic Search offers an experience similar to that of popular search engines, with the availability of limiters, filters and a choice of search modes and expanders. Advanced Search allows experienced researchers to perform highly-refined searches with multiple field codes, guided Boolean operators and a wide range of limiters and expanders.


EBSCO is committed to a positive search experience for all users. All platforms are fully functional for visually-impaired users.

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