User Research

EBSCO understands that different users require different research experiences. Creating products that are based on an understanding of customer and user needs is at the heart of EBSCO’s mission.

User-Centered Design Research

EBSCO’s customers represent a range of markets, from universities to medical institutions to corporations to schools and more. One user experience doesn’t fit all. Our team of researchers has experience and skill with a variety of research methods. Matching research method to study question is critical, which is why EBSCO’s User Research group employs a variety of methods that range from video diary studies to ethnography to virtual usability testing and more.

We understand that research findings don’t distill down to a table of task successes or failure rates. User research tells the story of user experience and identifies user pain points to help us create exciting and easy-to-use products. We don’t conduct research just once, prior to a product release. We believe in testing early and often, and incorporating customer and user feedback into every phase of the product development cycle.

Our focus on user research brings us back to our core mission—helping our customers serve their users.

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A Discussion on User Research with Kate Lawrence

Marshall Breeding, Library Technology Expert, talks with Kate Lawrence, Vice President of User Research at EBSCO, about User Research at EBSCO.
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