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يسلط هذا الفيديو الضوء على أفضل محتوى في Business Source Ultimate لطلاب إدارة الأعمال، ويتضمن العديد من الدوريات الموجودة ضمن قائمة صحيفة فاينانشال تايمز لأفضل 50 دورية علمية مالية ومقاطع فيديو خاصة بإدارة الأعمال ومحتوى دوريات علمية عالمي. يتضمن المحتوى الشامل غير المتخصص تحليلات SWOT والتقارير الصناعية والقطرية وتقارير بشأن السوق ومعلومات فريدة عن الشركات.

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Business Source Ultimate

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Business Source Ultimate

What makes this the best business resource?

It offers more full text from more leading business journals such as those on the Financial Times FT50 top ranked journals list.

It’s easy to see the superior coverage offered by Business Source Ultimate over ABI/Inform.

Also, students can access Case studies, SWOT analyses, country reports, market reports, industry reports and company information to round out research.

Videos bring additional context to research and Business Source Ultimate contains more than 66,000 business and economics videos and 75,000 Associated Press videos.

It features Ahead-of-print content for currency, and thousands of international journals to provide global context.

Hundreds of topics are covered, including accounting, banking, human resource management, information systems management, marketing and regional Business.

The unique Company View feature provides company information records, business descriptions, company histories, executive biographies, interviews and more.

The highest quality subject indexing curated by subject matter experts, as well as Searchable cited references help business researchers find exactly what they’re searching for.

And Business Source Ultimate strengthens exposure to open access resources by including over 1,000 active global open access journals.

Business Source Ultimate...The best business database for the ultimate business research.

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