Publisher Support for OpenAthens

OpenAthens is a single sign-on service that allows end-users to log in just once to all their library’s electronic resources using a single set of credentials.

OpenAthens range of value-added consultancy services for publishers can help you improve user experience and support your business goals.

Why OpenAthens?

  1. Enables your business to grow – Easily scalable to accommodate a wide range of customers in different industries and countries worldwide. Many organizations in education and research, healthcare, pharmaceutical and commerce are choosing federated single sign-on solutions such as OpenAthens.
  2. Greater market intelligence – Find out more about types of users (eg. student, staff or researcher), what content they are interested in and how they are discovering, accessing and using it (favorites, saved searches, annotated content). You’ll also be able to track user journeys to your content (eg. via Google search, library system, or direct article link).
  3. An exceptional user experience – OpenAthens creates a consistent, personalized user experience, creating more opportunities for users to discover, access and engage wherever they are. Users can also get straight to your content through article-level links.
  4. Protects user privacy and your content – Secure exchange of encrypted anonymous user data protects the user’s identity and privacy. OpenAthens complies with ISO security standards and can help identify any misuse or license breach which isn’t possible with IP-based access. For example, it continually monitors the service to identify large numbers of transfers.

Technical Specifications

Please refer to the technical documentation for more information.

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