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Distributed Art Publishers

Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. is America’s premier source for books on twentieth and twenty-first century art, photography, design and aesthetic culture. Founded in 1990 in downtown New York at a time when fine and sometimes esoteric international art books had a difficult time making their way into the wider American marketplace, over the past three decades D.A.P. has grown into a major international distributor of books, special editions and rare publications from an array of the world’s most respected publishers, museums and cultural institutions.

Ed Ruscha / Now Then: A Retrospective

Author: Ruscha, Ed
Data: 10/03/2023
ISBN: 9781633451506
Prezzo: $75.00

Simone Leigh

Author: Leigh, Simone
Data: 10/03/2023
ISBN: 9781636810782
Prezzo: $75.00

Kerry James Marshall: The Complete Prints

Author: Marshall, Kerry James
Data: 11/19/2023
ISBN: 9789493039759
Prezzo: $125.00

Groundswell: Women of Land Art

Author: Arnold, Leigh
Data: 11/23/2023
ISBN: 9781636811109
Prezzo: $59.95

Going Dark: The Contemporary Figure at the Edge of Visibility

Author: James, Ashley
Data: 12/12/2023
ISBN: 9780892075638
Prezzo: $65.00

Kara Walker: White Shadows in Blackface

Author: Walker, Kara
Data: 08/29/2023
ISBN: 9781949172737
Prezzo: $40.00

Radical Fiber: Threads Connecting Art and Science

Author: McNamara, Rebecca
Data: 10/10/2023
ISBN: 9781636810409
Prezzo: $49.95

Queer Exhibition Histories

Author: Hendrikx, Bas
Data: 10/03/2023
ISBN: 9789493246133
Prezzo: $35.00

William Klein: Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

Author: Klein, William
Data: 10/10/2023
ISBN: 9781636811154
Prezzo: $125.00

Garry Winogrand: Winogrand Color

Author: Winogrand, Garry
Data: 11/07/2023
ISBN: 9781936611188
Prezzo: $85.00