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Distributed Art Publishers

Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. is America’s premier source for books on twentieth and twenty-first century art, photography, design and aesthetic culture. Founded in 1990 in downtown New York at a time when fine and sometimes esoteric international art books had a difficult time making their way into the wider American marketplace, over the past three decades D.A.P. has grown into a major international distributor of books, special editions and rare publications from an array of the world’s most respected publishers, museums and cultural institutions.

Wendy Red Star: Bíilukaa

Author: Wendy Red Star, Dr. Annika Johnson, Dr. Adriana Greci Green, Wallace Red Star, Molly Malone, Chelsea Malone
Date: 04/18/2023
ISBN: 9781942185932
Price: $65.00

Jamel Shabazz: Albums

Author: Michal Raz-Russo, Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr, Deborah Willis, Nelson George, Leslie Wilson.
Date: 03/14/2023
ISBN: 9783969990957
Price: $50.00

Ralph Ellison: Photographer

Author: Peter W. Kunhardt Jr., Michal Raz-Russo, John F. Callahan, Adam Bradley, Ralph Ellison.
Date: 04/18/2023
ISBN: 9783969991800
Price: $60.00

Gego: Measuring Infinity

Author: Geaninne Gutiérrez-Guimarães, Pablo León de la Barra, Mónica Amor, Ruth Auerbach, Tanya Barson, Vered Engelhard, Julieta González, Geaninne Gutiérrez-Guimarães, Pablo León de la Barra, Sean Nesselrode Moncada, Luis Pérez-Oramas, et. al.
Date: 05/09/2023
ISBN: 9780892075553
Price: $65.00

Pacita Abad

Author: Victoria Sung, Pio Abad, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Ruba Katrib, Nancy Lim, Matthew Villar Miranda, Xiaoyu Weng.
Date: 07/04/2023
ISBN: 9781935963264
Price: $65.00

Black American Portraits

Author: Christine Y. Kim and Myrtle Elizabeth Andrews, Mary Schmidt Campbell, Michael Govan, Hilton Als, Bridget R. Cooks, Ilene Susan Fort, Dhyandra Lawson, Jeffrey C. Stewart, Naima J. Keith.
Date: 01/17/2023
ISBN: 9781636810164
Price: $49.95

Native American Art from the Thomas W. Weisel Family Collection

Author: Bruce Bernstein, Hillary C. Olcott, Christina Hellmich, Deana Dartt, Jill D'Alessandro.
Date: 04/25/2023
ISBN: 9781636810966
Price: $85.00

Chosen Memories: Contemporary Latin American Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Gift and Beyond

Author: Inés Katzenstein
Date: 05/16/2023
ISBN: 9781633451384
Price: $45.00

Signals: How Video Transformed the World

Author: Michelle Kuo, Stuart Comer, Erika Balsom, Aria Dean, David Joselit, Tiffany Sia, Ravi Sundaram, Giampaolo Bianconi, Ina Blom, Erica DiBenedetto, Jason Dubs, Brandon Eng, Ed Halter, Nina Horisaki Christens, Marielle Ingram, Danielle Jackson, et. al.
Date: 04/18/2023
ISBN: 9781633451230
Price: $45.00

Making Their Mark: Art by Women in the Shah Garg Collection

Author: Mark Godfrey, Katy Siegel, Daniel Belasco, Glenn Adamson, David J. Getsy, Kirsty Bell, Jessica Bell Brown, Gloria Sutton, Kevin Beasley, Charles Gaines, Lyle Ashton Harris, Jacqueline Humphries, Allison Katz, Helen Marten, Laura Owens, et. al.
Date: 05/02/2023
ISBN: 9781941366509
Price: $60.00