Your library customers come to the readers' advisory desk looking for books in all genres. How do you handle it when they ask for recommendations in your genre nemesis (mine is mysteries)? Do you pass them off to the resident expert? Grab the one old reliable title you know in that genre? Never get stumped again with NoveList genre guides; they put you in the know quickly and efficiently. Think of them as the cheat codes you need.  

There are 54 genre guides across three different age levels. Each genre guide includes: 

  • A brief definition of the genre and common characteristics 
  • If applicable, the top themes found in these stories 
  • Why readers like this genre 
  • Key titles, series, and authors, including foundational, current, and up-and-coming reads. 
  • How to help and market to readers who enjoy this genre 
  • Helpful book searches to try 

These genre guides have so many uses. Use the book and author picks to find a quick recommendation. Find books for displays using the helpful searches. Have an off-desk period? Study the guides closer to gain a deeper understanding of the elements readers appreciate about this genre. Even a seasoned reader might find interesting fodder to add to your toolbox. Want to challenge yourself? Read two of our recommended title picks to explore the genre for yourself first-hand.   

Whether you are novice or a RA expert, genre guides are the friend you need to help you in a pinch.  

Find all genre guides with the search DE Genre guide.

Want more in-depth genre help? Watch our one-hour Crash Course webinars or hire a NoveList expert to give customized training at your library. 

Genre Foundations

Do you want to help your staff have a basic understanding of a broad range of the most popular and challenging fiction genres? Get an overview of current genre trends for adults and teens, tips to keep up with various genres, and titles to know, with an emphasis on diverse titles and authors. 


Lindsey Dunn is a Readers' Advisory Librarian at NoveList.