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Your bookshelves need attention from beginning to end.

Core Collections is a comprehensive guide that helps you build and maintain well-rounded collections of nonfiction and fiction books. Each Core Collection contains authoritative recommendations that are vendor and publisher neutral, and all titles are chosen by expert librarians. 

Each collection includes thousands of titles, updated monthly, and can be compared against your local collection. The full suite of Core Collections provides holistic guidance for your whole collection, and they work better together.   

Fiction Core Collection: This key collection is perfect for libraries of all sizes navigating the vast adult fiction market. 

Nonfiction Core Collection: This important collection provides guidance for adult nonfiction collections, including plays and poetry. 

Core Collection en Español: Our newest collection assists libraries faced with the challenges of establishing and growing a collection for their Spanish-language readers. 

Children’s Core Collection: The ideal collection development and curriculum support resource for anyone who works with children’s books. Absolutely wonderful for school libraries and children’s departments. 

Middle & Junior High Core Collection: An essential resource for anyone who works with middle-grade books. Highly recommended for school libraries and children and teen collections. 

Senior High Core Collection: This collection covers young adult books and adult books with teen appeal, making it perfect for anyone wishing to curate comprehensive young adult literature collections. Exceedingly helpful for teen departments and high school libraries. 

Graphic Novels Core Collection: Especially useful for libraries who want to build and maintain a popular graphic novel collection. It’s a complicated format to organize: age levels, themes, storylines, different series, and the different arcs that play into a larger story. We can help with this! 

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Recommended to librarians and libraries at all levels. Easy to use, economical and time-saving for librarians and paraprofessionals working on collection development.”


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“We use Core Collections on a daily basis for our collection work from selection to weeding to help us balance demand and collection depth against budget constraints. Alerts help staff to get the information they need for their selection needs and recommendation levels make it easy for us to judge which titles should get extra copies if we have money at the end of the year.”

Dianne Coan, Fairfax County

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