Communicating clearly and effectively is critical, particularly during a crisis, or when people have limited connectivity, or when information is constantly changing. Like now. And one of the best ways to make sure your message is received is to use a variety of channels with a consistent message.  

That’s where developing and implementing a campaign can be incredibly helpful. But what if you don’t have a marketing staff or money to hire someone to do it?  You’ll be glad to know we’re adding Campaign Guides to LibraryAware. Read on!

What are Campaign Guides? Campaign Guides are a new feature exclusively for LibraryAware customers. You’ve told us that you love our professionally designed templates that make it super easy to promote your collection, services, and programs like a pro. Now you’ll be able to pair the templates with expert guidance to help you maximize the impact of communications on timely topics like reopening plans, help for job seekers, and engaging readers at home. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to follow, complete with suggested templates for each campaign tactic. And like any template in LibraryAware, you can customize the guide to meet your library’s specific needs.

How do I access the guides? When a new Campaign Guide is available, we’ll announce it in LibraryAware News, sent at the end of each month to LibraryAware subscribers. Use the Campaign Guide keyword in the search bar of LibraryAware; you’ll find the guide plus relevant templates all together. We’ll also offer a  microtraining to walk you through the guide, offer a few additional tips, and answer any questions about implementing it at your library. 

My library is small. Do we need a campaign? Our Campaign Guides offer tactics that are simple enough to provide a full campaign for small-to-medium libraries, and a great foundation for larger libraries and library systems that have the staff or agencies to create a larger, more complex campaign. The Campaign Guides are scalable to any size library with any size budget. 

When will the Campaign Guides be available? The first one will debut next week to help you communicate your library’s reopening plans and safety protocol to staff, patrons, and local media. Registration for the Reopening Your Library Campaign Guide microtraining is now open for LibraryAware customers. 

We’re excited to add Campaign Guides in LibraryAware to help you reach readers more easily and effectively. 

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Kathy Lussier is Manager of Engagement at NoveList. She is currently listening to More Myself by Alicia Keys.