I write a post like this at the turn of each year, but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this excited before. Some big changes and exciting options are coming to NoveList next year, and I feel sure you are going to love them. Here is a sneak peek. 

The biggest news is that NoveList Plus is getting a facelift... or more accurately, having some major body work done. It will have the same great read-alikes and recommendations that you know and trust, but in a beautiful, modern interface that is accessible and easy to use. If you’re familiar with our redesign of NoveList Select, you already have an idea of where we’re headed. This project will take us some time to complete, and we’ll be sharing our progress along the way; subscribe to NoveList News for the latest updates. 

A change will be coming to Learn with NoveList, our professional development initiative. In January, we’ll be announcing a new subscription option for library staff. If you've been looking for a way to train your entire library staff on how to deliver better service to your community, this is for you. The annual subscription will include many hours of learning, taught by experts in the field. If you want a sneak peek, sign up for a demo with one of our librarians

Last but not least, I know you’re already busy planning for summer, and so are we. Whether you call it summer reading or summer learning at your library, we’re preparing a set of helpful tools including reading lists and promotional materials. We want to help you deliver an awesome summer experience that your community will be talking about for months to come. Don't miss our first-ever LibraryAware summer template reveal party on Wednesday, January 10. Sign up here. And there’s a Door Prize! Attendees will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card from Bookshop.org.   

While those are the highlights, there’s even more we’ll be working on. I invite you to reach out when you have feedback about NoveList products and services – we deeply appreciate your input. Email novelist@ebsco.com to share your thoughts. 

On a more reflective and personal note, I wanted to share a 2024 goal I made for myself after listening to the beautiful thoughts in this interview with Maryanne Wolf, author of Reader, Come Home. She talks about how we read – the speed and attention we give to it, our growing habit of scanning and reading quickly – changes the nature of what we are able to absorb and the insights we are able to discern. Phones and TV have rewired our brains for scrolling and skimming, and we are unfortunately not better for it. So, in 2024, my goal is to slow down some of my reading and to read more thoughtfully. I wish the same intentionality for all of you as well. 

Danielle Borasky is the Vice President of NoveList. She is currently reading Happiness Falls by Angie Kim.