This week, NoveList released an enhanced version of its Core Collections product line. Now for the first time, Core Collections databases provide unique access points and data previously unavailable outside of the NoveList databases. 

NoveList’s genres and subjects
One of the biggest and most thrilling changes we’ve rolled out to the Core Collections databases is the presence of NoveList-specific genres and subject headings. Now, book records receive the NoveList treatment, giving users the ability to search Core Collections using the power of NoveList’s unique metadata. 

Is your science fiction and fantasy section tired and in need of some weeding? Do you want to shore up your cozy mystery collection with the most recommended titles from that subgenre? Do you need a few more gentle reads to round out your collection? No problem — Core Collections has you covered!

What makes this update even more exciting is we’ve also included NoveList’s fantastic helper genres, like “Books to movies” and “Adult books for young adults,” giving collectors yet another helpful way to navigate Core Collections’ recommendations in support of their unique collection goals.   

Whether you are working on a genrefication project at your library, or simply want to ensure you have titles that were adapted to film and television in stock, these new access points can help users more easily identify highly recommended titles in specific content areas.

Want to give it a shot? Use the Advanced Search’s drop-down options to select the Subject field. You can conveniently search both subject and genre in this field. 

Expanded series information
NoveList users often tell us how helpful our series information is to their work. So, to make the work of collectors a little easier, Core Collections book records have received enhanced series information, including the volume number of a title in a series. 

This information can help collectors understand where a book falls in series reading order, which may help them decide to take a closer look at the series as a whole or pass it by for a smaller investment.

New awards and featured lists
We know that featured lists and awards are crucial to many collectors’ decision-making processes, and NoveList tracks a lot of them. This massive update adds a number of tracked awards and lists to the fold for Core Collections, including the very popular LibraryReads Favorites lists.   

Looking for specific award winners or featured lists? Select Award in the Advanced Search drop-down menu and input the award or list name of your choice. If you’re looking for a specific year’s winners, make sure to include that in your search as well to limit your options (e.g.  “Goodreads Choice Awards 2019”).

New to Core Collections?
Would you like to learn more about how Core Collections can help you make critical decisions about your collection?  Learn more here.

Sam Stover is a Product Manager for NoveList. He is currently reading The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz