Like many moms, Denise Turner took her kids to the library for weekly storytime when they were young. 

“Our local library had a singing and storytelling animatronic owl, the library's mascot, that they just loved to watch,” remembers Denise. “Now that my kids are teenagers, those moments are even more special to me.” 

These days, Denise thinks about libraries all day long in her role as Senior Graphic Designer for NoveList. She is part of a small team that creates the ready-to-use templates in LibraryAware.  

Denise came to NoveList in 2015, after working as a graphic designer for Jacksonville Public Library, where she created their promotional materials. She was already very familiar with LibraryAware, having used it herself at the library, and experienced firsthand the benefits it offered library staff seeking assistance in crafting materials for multiple branches. 

Now that she’s creating those materials for LibraryAware, Denise tries to keep up with everything libraries need by following many organizations on social media, attending webinars, and of course, visiting her own library. She’s always watching to see the activities and initiatives that libraries launch and enjoys coming up with ideas to make library marketing easier for LibraryAware customers. 

Recently, Denise decided to create a series of Heritage Month templates after noticing a need for customers.  

“Initially, we created templates to help libraries in commemorating and promoting significant heritage months, such as Hispanic Heritage Month,” explains Denise. “Their popularity led to requests for more templates for various other heritage months. Recognizing the importance of all heritages, we created a versatile set that libraries can easily adapt for any heritage celebration with simple modifications to the text, colors, and images.” 

The templates can be found in LibraryAware simply by typing Heritage Month in the home page search bar. The templates come in various formats, including flyers, posters, eblasts, bookmarks, and social media graphics. Customers can customize the templates as much or as little as they need.  

"I suggest starting with adapting the colors on the template to fit the celebration,” advises Denise. “You can draw inspiration for colors from various places like colors from a country’s flag, colors that evoke the heritage’s history, or simply use your library’s branding colors.” 

Denise and the rest of the NoveList staff love seeing these templates out in the “real world” and often share examples. For Denise, the experience is extra special.  

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” exclaims Denise. “I’ve always enjoyed seeing how our customers make the designs their own!”  

And Denise says she and her fellow designer are committed to creating templates that meet the needs of your library.  

“The idea for these templates came from our customers recommending and requesting them, so please do not hesitate to share more ideas with our Support team,” says Denise. “We will try our best to provide what you want and need to help promote your initiatives!” 

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Angela Hursh is Manager of Library Engagement, Marketing, and Professional Development. She is currently listening to All You Have to Do is Call by Kerri Maher.

Denise Turner is Senior Graphic Designer for NoveList. She is currently reading None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell.