Greetings from the NoveList support team! Our team strives to help our LibraryAware customers get setup as well as help you work through any issues that may arise with the product. A few years back, we started offering live chat support for LibraryAware customers, and it has been very well received. The LibraryAware product has greatly benefited from this real-time support. 

As our division is located on the East Coast of the United States, several customers have never been able to utilize this support channel due to time zone differences. Our customers in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries start their day as our team is typically ending theirs. I'm happy to announce that we have recently expanded our team and scheduled hours worked to allow us to offer this live chat support to more of our customers. 

While we’ve long wanted to move in this direction, the recent pandemic, and how it is affecting when and how our customers are able to work, gave us just another reason to move forward. This extended service will not change your subscription price; we simply consider it a useful feature of this product and are happy to be able to expand it to more of our customers. 

We look forward to chatting with you!